Beauty Tips


I’ve mentioned before that since Kell’s birth I’ve become quite the schlumpadinka. I decided to kick up my game just a little bit. With some pointers from the fabulous Erica B. I got out of sweats and into something a bit nicer. I needed something that I could slip into as easily as sweats, but with a little more panache. She suggested pullover sweaters, button up shirts and loafers, and she was right. It gives my look a bit of oomph, but since I bought the sweaters and shirts at Target it’s not a tragedy if something is spilled on them.

I don’t generally wear makeup, mainly because I don’t have time, but I know I look better with a little something. I needed an under 5 minute routine that would have me out the door in a flash. Afrobella did a blog post on BB creams. I’d seen these mentioned in fashion mags, but didn’t know they came in deep colors, or were available at mass retailers like Target. She suggested one by Maybelline. This is crucial for me, because anything that requires a trip to the mall simply isn’t happening. I tried the BB cream  yesterday and it is gorgeous. So my basic routine is moisturize, BB cream, bronzer and lipstick. Last night for my fourteenth wedding anniversary, I smoked up my eyes a bit and added more powder. Looked great and most importantly, it didn’t take a lot of time.


I’ve been searching high and low for a new moisturizer. I love Hope in a Jar, but it’s really too pricey to buy on a regular basis. After googling about I found this one. It’s less than $5.00 so I wasn’t expecting much. I was amazed at the level of moisture. And I have really dry skin that tends to look drab in the wintertime and this really helps. The fragrance is a bit off-putting, and I thought it might trigger my eczema, but so far, no worries. It’s light and non-greasy. Simply awesome.

And here’s my last little. I totally love Philosophy’s Vitamin C powder, but it too is out of reach price-wise. I’ve been looking for a replacement for nearly a decade now and think I’ve found it. Actually, I already had it and didn’t realize what I had.


I buy these Vitamin C crystals for cold season to help give our immune systems a boost. It never occurred to me to use it on my skin until I read someone else’s review. Brilliant! It’s not as finely milled as the Philosophy product so I have to dissolve it in a little water. I keep a spray bottle on my sink for spritzing my hair, so I spray a little in the cup of my hand, and then put a quarter teaspoon of this powder in. It dissolves quickly and I spread it over my face, neck and décolletage, really any area that’s looking drab including my hands and elbows. Afterwards, I slather on my moisturizer, and there you go. It’s $18 for a pound as opposed to $35 for a quarter ounce. Now that’s WINNING! Vitamin C oxidizes rather quickly, so I take it out of the bottle it comes in and put it in a dark colored bottle I use for aromatherapy. I keep the big bottle in the closet so it’s not exposed to light and we still use it for colds. I love a product that multi-tasks.

Oh, you’ll be seeing this picture of me EVERYWHERE. It’s the first picture I’ve taken in years that I actually like!

And the Quest Continues

Those who read this blog regularly know I’ve been looking for a dining room table for ten years. You know what else I’ve been trying to buy for ten years? A goddamned swimsuit. I know. I know. We all have our ills in that department, but your blues aren’t like mine. What I really want is a two-piece, a tankini. At the pool I have to take my little guy to the bathroom with me, and getting naked to pee is less than comfortable when you have a toddler who was breast-fed. Boobs still mean lunch to him. So a tankini would be ideal, but as you’ve often heard me lament, my weight tends to congregate around my middle, thus resulting in muffin top. Ideally I’d like a high waisted bottom on my tankini. Well, I’ve only found one place with them, Land’s End. Right now they’re marked down to $40 from originally $54. I’ll probably get it, though I’m really annoyed, because seriously $54 is what I expect to pay for a WHOLE SWIMSUIT. And people wonder why I hate shopping.

This Dress is Fab

I got this dress at Chico’s back in April. (I know, Chico’s, who’da thunk it. They do sell stuff that hasn’t bern bedazzled!) I’m thinking I might be buried in it! It’s comfy and versatile. The only thing I don’t like? The price! $125.00 for a casual dress is crazy. Still if it came in more colors I’d buy them because it is great. I keep thinking about getting one of Mimi G.’s tutorials and making a couple myself. What makes this dress a winner is the fabric: It’s a yummy rayon/spandex blend. From what I’ve seen fabric with spandex tends to be spendy. I’ll have to see though, but it’s been my experience that DIY is no cheaper than RTW.


Hairline Tragedy Part II

I finally broke down and got some Rogaine. I was hesitant because once you start using it you have to use it forever or the hair it grows falls out. But I’ve been doing natural remedies for more than a year now and haven’t seen any improvement. I’ve tried to wear scarves and headbands to conceal the fact that my hairline is gone, but I finally had to reconcile myself to the fact that they give me a headache. So yeah, I’ve got to grow some hair! I get the generic Rogaine. It’s about $20 for a three-month supply. You apply a dropperfull to the bald areas twice a day. It smells pretty strongly of alcohol and I figure that can’t be good, so I’ve also been using Profectiv Temple balm. It seems to be very moisturizing. Haven’t got the Jamaican black castor oil yet. I’ll do that next week. I’m keeping my hair in protective styles, twists, and I won’t color anymore. Though that will probably only last until someone refers to me as Kell’s grandmother, AGAIN.

Both the Rogaine and the Profectiv claim results in three months. I’ve only been using them consistently for a couple of weeks and Whit claims he sees a definite improvement. I’ll post some pics when I have something worth posting. Anyone else use Rogaine? Did you have results? Did it fall out when you stopped?

Needs Sunglasses


Been having lots of fun this summer with nail color. Until today my fave color was Essie Mojito Madness–a very vivid green. But this OPI color, Needs Sunglasses has me smitten. Finding the right green was hard, but finding the right yellow was damned near impossible. What do y’all think? A bit bummed as it took all summer to find this and summer is nearly over. Fortunately I’m in Atlanta and will be in sandals for at least another month or two.

My Girl Ain’t Got No Hair…

Ain’t nothing growing there…fave Army song, and quite apt for this photo. Yep, this is me post Big Chop sans hair. And for the record it’s not being nearly bald that bothers me, I’ve been here before. It’s not having a hairline. Seriously the stuff that having children does to your body should be illegal. Anyway, you guys wanted to see it and here it is. The TTWA is not a good look on me. I have a fat face, especially right now and my head is too big. But I have to live with this until it grows out. It’s too delicate right now to manipulate into twists, so I just moisturize, lubricate and sleep on my satin pillowcase. Shea moisture and a coconut oil spritz are my best friends. By January it’ll be long enough to do something with, which is a good thing because my hair hates winter.

The One Where She Cuts All Her Hair Off

Yep, I have about an inch of hair covering my scalp. It’s kinda strange to go from waist-length locs to NO HAIR in one afternoon. I had no choice. My hair always thins after I have a baby and the bases of my locs had gotten so thin they were starting to break. Whit assures me that I’m still sexy, but I’m thinking not so much. I have a mirror and right now I see a fat, bald, leaky mess. (Can you tell I’m a bit bummed about the whole thing? And no I will not be posting pictures. I look like I got the worse end of a fight with a flock of chickens.)  It’s REALLY bad. Normally I like having a TWA, but my hairline is gone as well and is VERY gray. I seriously look like I’ve had chemo and know I’ll get LOTS of questions. I can’t color right now because the hair coming in is very delicate. So I’m hitting the rosemary and coconut oil hard. Someone suggested taking biotin, but I don’t know whether that’s okay for a nursing mama. Any other ideas?

Maternity Clothes

I’m thinking I won’t need much by way of maternity clothes. I already bought a pair of jeans, a sweater and a shirt. I’ll probably buy a couple more shirts and another pair of jeans. I don’t particularly care for maternity clothes. Unless you go into crazy expensive stuff it’s mostly hideous looking, AND poorly made. I prefer to buy regular clothes that can work before and after pregnancy. I tend to carry low and never really pop, I just get thicker around the middle, so regular clothes are usually okay. Like this fab sweater from Victoria’s Secret. It would look great over some straight leg jeans (NOT jeggings. Not a good look on me. Skinny legs, thick middle).  Not crazy about the colors, would prefer it in a solid, maybe eggplant or a shade of green. Also don’t like the fact that it’s angora. I’m not a “dry-clean only” kind of girl. If you fashionistas see something similar hit me up, okay?

Temple St. Clair for Target


I don’t remember a time when I didn’t lust after Temple St. Clair jewelry. Unfortunately, like many fine things they were far, far out of the budget. When I heard she was doing a line for Target, I almost lost it. That ring there to the left? Gawgeous! Y’all know how I feel about heart-shaped jewelry. I want it so badly, and I DO have a birthday coming up.

Unfortunately there are two problems coming between me and the object of my lust: 1. Target gives money to bigots. I cannot in good conscience shop there. 2. I’ve already spent my birthday money on a fabulous bedside table. (No, I haven’t posted a picture because I don’t have my new camera. I’d intended to buy it at Target.)

You know this whole maintaining morals and principles thing gets suckier by the day. *le sigh*