Roslyn’s Gone Thrifting Again

3E83Kf3Hd5G75E35Jad52e1f7456ec3731958Just had to share with y’all this chest of drawers I found on Craigslist for $35! Solid fiddleback and birdseye maple. Just stunning. All I had to do was buff it down with a little lemon oil and wipe down the insides with grapefruit essential oil (it’s antiviral and antibacterial). Here’s what’s absolutely crazy, it’s a dead ringer for the maple bedroom suite I got for $100 at Goodwill more than twenty years ago. I’ve stripped and refinished all the pieces except the bed, and it’s gorgeous. Some of y’all might remember the fabulous dresser I posted several years ago.



I love thrifting I really do. For one thing it appeals to my pocketbook, but I also like the idea of making use of something old instead of trashing things. This furniture is solid as a rock and will still be in good shape by the time Luke and Kell are ready for their own homes.

More About My Kitchen

After much debate we’ve decided how to remodel our kitchen. We will do it in stages starting with installing a new hardwood floor. After that we will put in an IKEA pantry consisting of three parts; a base with a countertop and a bar sink. A tall pull out pantry and two glass upper cabinets. Our kitchen is 25 feet long, a true galley. Having an extra sink at this end will allow us to set up a “beverage center” with a coffee pot and microwave right next to the small breakfast nook. We’ll be keeping our old cabinet carcasses, just replacing the doors and eliminating the bulkhead. We also intend to get rid of the wall betwwen the kitchen and dining room. We will install another pantry cabinet next to the oven. We have already bought a new refrigerator and a dishwasher. I have my fantasy of buying one of those huge Viking flamethrower ovens but that really doesn’t suit our ifestyle or budget. We are trying to keep our budget beloe $1k for each appliance. We seriously scored at the Sears Scratch and Dent store and got a Samsung French door refrigerator for $900! Hope to do similar on an oven.

This is the second time we’ve redone a kitchen in stages. It really works for us and helps avoid a buttload of debt. Ideally it will look very much like the endwall shown in the last photo. Not as wide, of course as we’re using only one base cabinet, but that’s what we’re going for.






New Sofa!

Remember I told y’all I was getting my sofa redone? I’ve been putting it of forever, but finally I did it, and they did a TREMENDOUS job. I was very fortunate that one of Whit’s co-workers told us about this no name fabric store off I85. Can you believe this fabric was only $6.99 a yard!? The upholstery job was spendy, they had to make new cushions and repair a lot of springs, but as I reminded my husband the couch itself was free and very high end. It’s fifty years old and this type of craftsmanship would easily cost $5k today. We spent $130 on fabric and about $750 on the work. That included pick up, delivery, repairs and Scotchguarding. (Yeah I know a can of Scotchguard doesn’t cost much, but I didn’t want to spray it in my house.) if you need upholstery work I highly recommend New Century Upholstery in Chamblee.


Decorating the Boy’s Rooms

Been really thinking about decorating a lot lately. Luke has just about outgrown the bunkbed in his room, and since moving it to Kell’s room is out of the question, we’ll move Luke instead! I’m painting the room a pale yellow, and it’s going to have a nautical theme. I’m using this tutorial to make rugby striped curtains like the $90 a panel ones in Pottery Barn. Also going to make a Mariner’s Compass quilt for his bed. I’ve always wanted to do a Mariner’s Compass. As you can see, it’s a piecing challenge. I love hand-piecing.


Kell’s room will be blue, with an aeronautical theme. I’m making this quilt for him.


Now if only I could lone myself to get all this done.

The Living Room

This room, from Candice Olsen, is actually the design inspiration for TWO rooms in my house. I plan to do the wall of blue curtains behind my bed. That will be so pretty and will help with warmth and noise reduction. I love the bookcase wall as well. We don’t have a TV in our living room, it’s going to be my office and a library. Those stainless steel trunk/chest of drawers are from Restoration Hardware and cost more than my mortgage so you know they won’t be happening no matter how hard I beg. I do like the idea of a chest in a wall of bookcases to break things up, and you can never have too much storage. My mind is whirling, but at least I have this fab picture for inspiration.


Decorating Again


So Whit and I just bought a new bed, and we love it! It’s the first large piece of furniture we ever bought new. When we were searching, we saw this bed


And we really liked to two tall pedestal nightstands, but we wanted a padded headboard, so we passed. I was convinced we could find or make something similar. So checking out my fave site in the world, Ikea Hackers, I came across these


We plan to take out the two middle drawers to make a shelf. We will still have the two lower drawers for all our stuff. Better yet, the top opens. I’ll put a power strip in there for all our chargeable stuff! Too cool for school. They’re only $179 each! I keep telling y’all, don’t sleep on Ikea. And Ikea Hackers? Bliss!

This room will be too beautiful when I finish. We’ll have a wall of pale blue pinch-pleated drapes. ($40 a pair at JCP). And the walls will be fern green. Can’t wait to post pics!

Me and My Kitchen

The hubster and I are gradually getting back into decorator mode. It’s taking forever to paint our bathroom, but I’m getting there. My kitchen is battleship gray with tired (poorly painted) white cabinets. (See below). It really needs a gut and replace, but that so isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I want to paint them, but we’ve been debating a color for a while now. I think I’ve found it: RED. I know it sounds crazy, but they really look cool. Red paint is a bit of a pain. It takes a lot of coats to get it opaque, but with proper priming I think we can get a good look. I love that cool rail detail just below them. That would be great for hanging towels, or kitchen hardware. I’m really excited. I’ll keep you posted.

Finished the Den

We finally finished painting the den. We used no VOC paint from Home Depot, it only costs a little more and doesn’t make me sick like regular paint does. Anyway, here’s how the den looked when we bought the house:

And here’s how it looks now:

The color is called Midsummer Gold. I have some left over and I plan to use it in the master bath as well. The first picture is more representative of how it actually looks. I’m not completely finished. I still need to buy lamp shades, a little more pottery for the hearth and I need to have the sofa reupholstered. This is how the sofa looks now:
I found this fabulous fabric at Sirs in Fayetteville TN. Only $10.99 a yard. For chenille!!! Won’t it just pop against the gold walls? I love this sofa, it was a freebie and so big and well-made.

Anthropologie Chair

I want this chair like damn and whoa. Do I want it enough to pay $1300 for it? Uh, that would be no, but wouldn’t it be spectacular in my guest bedroom which I’m doing in taupe, white and black? This would be just the pop of color it needs, along with some coral throw pillows on the bed. Taupe and coral are just so fresh. The shape of the chair is perfect for a bedroom as well. In fact, everything about this chair is perfect, except, of course, the price.

astrid chair, naive tropical –

Bird Mobile

I don’t know if I mentioned this lady’s blog before, but she makes birds, really fabulous birds. Her fabric placement is incredible and I like them very much. I had decided to use her technique to make myself a bunch of “storm crows,” as in my band’s name in  Rock Star, but the other night I was gazing up at the vaulted ceiling in my living room (which is gradually becoming my library) and realized that I need a mobile up there. I can’t imagine anything more fabulous than a storm crow mobile. I’m sketching out some ideas and I’ll share them when I get something together.

I’m inspired, of course, by the library in the picture. I’ve always wanted a person library, but it never occurred to me that it should be more than a place to keep my books. This guy is crazy wealthy and has fabulous stuff, but hey, I’ve traveled, I’ve got cool things too. (Yeah, he has Sputnik and I have homemade crows, but hey, it’s a literary reference, dammit. You can’t take that away from me.) I only need a few more things for my library, but we’ve finally got the furniture placed how we want it. Now we’ve just got to find just a few more pieces. I’m so impatient, but it is coming together beautifully.