26 Weeks Pregnant

Sorry no pictures, and it’s all Erica Bs fault! (Yes, I’m feeling self-conscious about the cleanliness of my bathroom, especially since it hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned since I went on bedrest.)

As y’all know I’ve been pregnant for some time now. You know when it finally dawned on me that I’m going to have a baby? LAST NIGHT. Yeah, dumb I know, but up until week 24 I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen. Not surprising given my track record, but dang I’m definitely old enough to know better. So, I was panic attack city when it dawned on me that I have absolutely nothing for this baby. Zilch. Today I’m off to the fabric store to get started on this thing. Haven’t bought a crib yet, but at least I can make the poor baby some sheets!

Last week I had to go to the doctor because all of a sudden I developed severe nausea. Turns out the heartburn I’ve been dealing with from the beginning was making me sick. The doctor gave me some meds and I feel much better. But get this, instead of having the baby at 38 weeks, he advised it would probably be more like 36. What?!? So I have two less weeks to get all this stuff that I hadn’t even thought about until now. Oy vey.

Friday night I took Luke to his basketball game, coming out the church he took off running across the parking lot. I was so busy screaming at him, that I tripped and did a face-plant up the steps onto the sidewalk. Somehow I managed not to fall on my belly, but my knee, left arm and chin took the brunt of it. Next time I think I’ll let him get him by a car.

Hedgehog Plush

Isn’t he adorable? I’ve wanted one since I saw it on Color Splash. It comes from Ikea and is only $20. The only problem is that the darned thing is inflatable, and wouldn’t last a day if Kell is anything like Luke. I made Luke a giant dinosaur a couple of Christmases ago and he still loves to play with it. Of course he kicks and punches the darned thing, but apparently that’s the point. I think I’d like to try to make this for Kell’s nursery. I can’t find a pattern for it, but it seems kind of simple to draft. The back looks like a hexagon, and the sides are trapezoids. Having made a grandmother’s flower garden quilt I’m pretty sure I can do it. What do y’all think?

This Baby Is Perfect!!!

And that’s an exact quote from my perinatologist! *happy dance* She’s much happier with the levels of amniotic fluid and he was moving around like crazy today. He was playing with his feet and making little kissy faces with his mouth. (Poor thing was probably hungry, goodness knows I was, but I choose to interpret it as his way of blowing kisses at his mama!)

I’m still on bedrest, but she did say just half as much time. No mall-crawling or long shopping trips, but I can get out and about a little more.

Bedrest Sucks

And I say this as probably one of the laziest people I know. I thought I’d be able to get around it by sitting and writing, but no. My OB was VERY specific, she wants me horizontal for a minimum of four and preferably six hours per day in addition to how ever many hours I sleep per night. Old girl was so exact in her instructions I wonder if she was a social worker in a previous life. But here’s the thing, and shame on me for not thinking about it a long time ago, I doubt they’re going to take me off bedrest. I mean, if staying horizontal keeps my uterus nice and full of fluid, why on earth would they have me stop doing it? My neo is stone-cold gangsta and I suspect this is going to be very much a Star Chamber situation. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Then again, maybe I’m just pessimistic. Whit said he thinks she’ll just tell me to take it easy. Uh no. Nobody goes from telling me to be “horizontal six hours per day,” to “just take it easy.” Especially not this chick. Lisa just laughed at me, because I was too dense to realize what was going on.

So I’m remaining horizontal six hours a day and drinking 100 ounces of water daily. I do manage to cook a few meals per week, and I’m somehow keeping up with the laundry. Otherwise my house is a freaking mink slide.

Today is not going very well for the most part. The baby was very active all day yesterday. I woke up early this morning to go to the bathroom. Usually if I have trouble going to sleep I’ll just put my hand on my belly and feel him moving around and that usually lulls me back to sleep. This morning he wasn’t moving. After lying there for an hour in increasing panic I finally got up. I’ve been holding back tears for most of the morning, but he’s finally starting to move around a bit. It’s still scary because I ate a cookie yesterday and I have been avoiding sugar like crazy. My glucose levels were good, but it’s simply not worth the risk. If nothing else this will teach me to follow my diet no matter what. It’s just too scary when I don’t.

I mentioned in a previous post that I really want a rocker recliner for when the baby comes. Well Friday we went to the Lazboy store and got this one. It’s so very comfy and I can’t wait until it’s delivered. I think I’ll probably start sleeping in it soon. For some reason sleeping in my bed makes my hips hurt. Normally I’m a tummy sleeper and sleeping on my sides is very hard. I’m hoping it’ll be better in the recliner.


Glucose Tolerance Test

As y’all know, this is what I’ve been worried about. Undiagnosed gestational diabetes caused my last baby to be stillborn so I was scared to death. My Neo had me take the GTT at 20 weeks instead of the standard 28 weeks. And get this, I passed with flying colors! The cut-off is 130 and I got a 91! Thanks be to God (and oatmeal, boiled eggs and Greek yogurt). I’m so excited and happy. Not to mention I was threatened that if I didn’t pass this one I’d have to take the three-hour fasting test with a much sweeter drink. Considering that I was nauseated for an entire day after drinking the last one, I’m so grateful I don’t have to take another one. I’m guessing that I’ll have to have another one hour test at 28 weeks, so I’m not out of the woods. But believe me, I’m being very careful.

Bedrest sucks the big one. There’s nothing like lying down to show you all the things that need doing in your house. I did make Tuscan potato soup yesterday. It’s a family fave and easy-peasy. Did a little laundry and vacuumed the rug in Luke’s room. (Trust me, there was wild life in that darned thing, and about a million toy soldiers to boot!) The guest bedroom is ready for my MIL’s visit except that I didn’t get to paint it, and it’s missing the rug I found at Target and planned to buy this week. Whit’s working like crazy, so I can’t ask him to do it, so it’ll have to go undone for now. It’s got to be painted before the baby gets here though, since it will also be the nursery.

This pregnancy is gradually becoming real to me. I’m still terrified, but it seems this boy wants to come into the world, and God knows he’s already faced down some really crazy odds to do so. Thanks be to God.

Low Amniotic Fluid

Well, looks like it’ll be a Charlie Brown Christmas after all. Doctor wants me off my feet as much as possible and not doing anything that’s not necessary. Apparently she doesn’t consider baking an Italian Cream cake necessary. I told her I’ve got company coming. She said, “Good, then they can take care of you. You’re carrying precious cargo that you worked darned hard to get.” Fortunately presents are all bought and wrapped, but the house is a mess, and I haven’t cooked anything yet. But when your doctor looks like Janine Turner and acts like Hillary Clinton you do what she says and nobody gets hurt.

Half-Way There

Ah-ah, we’re half-way there. Ah-ah, living on a prayer. Take my hand we’ll make it I swear. Ah-ah half-way there…Sorry, I’m in a wacky mood this morning. No more eighties songs, I promise. Well, as you can see, the belly, she is enormous. I’m at twenty weeks now, with twenty to go. Supposedly the baby is about 10.5 ounces now. I saw pshaw to that. Last night I swear he turned a somersault and I could feel him in my esophagus! His aunt is a gymnast, but since I’m pretty sure this boy is going to be at least as big as The Luke, I doubt he’ll be doing back handsprings anytime soon. But you never know.

I still get tired very easily, and if I overdo it, I cramp up. So I try not to do anything for more than an hour or so at a time. I’m not sure if it’s age or what, but this one is wearing me out a lot more than Luke did. I’m in bed every night no later than 9:00. That’s so weird to me.

I have appointments with both my OB and my Neo this week. They tried to do the 20 week ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, but he wouldn’t turn over and they couldn’t see the valves of his heart. So I’m going back and with any luck they’ll be able to check that out. Everything else is peachy-keen. Starting in January I’ll have to see my OB every two weeks, and no, I’m not looking forward to that. For one thing the two doctors are right down the street from one another and I keep getting confused as to which one I’m supposed to go to. (What can I say, I’ve got pregnesia big-time!) Plus I have to park in a parking garage each time. Have I mentioned that I’m claustrophobic? And yes, it gets considerably worse when I’m pregnant. Odd, between my heightened sense of smell and ridiculous claustrophobia, I’d make a helluva bloodhound, except forests freak me out.

Had to buy new bras last week. I didn’t have to when I was pregnant with Luke, but my breasts are now officially the size of canned hams. I hope this means I won’t have supply issues when I nurse this time. I just got cheapies at Wal-Mart, no underwire, that crap was driving me nuts. I’ve been itching like crazy, but they tell me it’s just stretching skin. I told Whit if I look like a Shar-pei when this pregnancy is over he better not say a mumbling word. And no, he can’t go running off with some nineteen year old with tight skin. Mid-life crisis my ass.

I was actually feeling kinda bad-azz, you know pregnant at 46 without assistance. Man, I must have some killer eggs. (Actually I already knew that, the women in my family are almost freakishly fertile.) Then I read an article in Oprah about a woman who got pregnant without a uterus! No, I have no idea how the hell she did it. Something about a dood named John of God. (When you think about it, that’s a helluva name, isn’t it? You have to have big ones to call yourself anything “of God.”) Anyway, all I know is, if I’m ever seriously sick I’m off to Brazil to see old boy.

And that’s my official update. Off to Target to find some curtains. Whit’s threatening to put blankets over the windows it’s so cold. I swear, sometimes I wonder if I married one of the Beverly Hillbillies.


Can You Feel It?

I haven’t been sleeping well since I got pregnant, in fact I haven’t been sleeping at all. I’ve dozed here and there, but haven’t had any true REM sleep in weeks. Suffice it to say, I’ve been crazy tired. So last night I was so tired I went to bed at 6:00, and without dinner. Whit said I slept so soundly I didn’t even notice when he came to bed. That’s unusual for me as I’m a very light sleeper. Up until now I hadn’t really felt the baby kick. Well, all that changed last night. It felt as though he suddenly decided to become a Brazilian soccer player, and he kept it up for the rest of the night. I couldn’t do anything but laugh. I’ve been waiting for weeks, and the one night I was finally sleeping soundly he woke me up. Obviously a harbinger of things to come!

It’s a Boy!!!

And no, I’m not going to show you the photographic evidence! -lol- This is so exciting. For one thing, I get to remain the Queen Bee of all I survey, but I think it’ll be cool for Luke to have a big brother. Now the name search begins. We’ve had a girl name for years, but hadn’t really thought of a boy name. Right now Kell (Kale) is leading it for me. Celt is good too. We also like Rafe. Kirk could be a contender, but when you already have one kid named Luke it’s kind of sad to name the other Kirk. Yes, my husband is the world’s biggest science fiction geek, but there’s no reason to brand BOTH kids with that.

What one-syllable, four-letter boy names do you like?  (Thank God Cam only has three letters, or I’d be stuck for sure!) No, I don’t know why we like four-letter, one-syllable names, but it’s not changing now.




I hate, I mean seriously hate this part of pregnancy before I can feel the baby move. Right now I’m absolutely convinced that there’s something wrong, so I’m stressed out of my mind. I wanted to get a doppler so that I could check the baby’s heartbeat just to reassure myself. I mean, I have two doctor’s visits a month, but there is the time in between like right now when I haven’t seen anyone. I’m supposed to see the perinatologist today, but I had to cancel because the Luke has the flu. Yes, I know it’s crazy to stress like this, especially since I’ve probably been eating too many carbs and that’s a definite no-no for those of the insulin-resistant persuasion like me. I also haven’t been sleeping well. I haven’t had alcohol since last March, and haven’t really missed it, but it would be nice to have a nice glass of wine just to take the edge off, but of course, I can’t.

When I mentioned getting a doppler to Whit he absolutely nixed the idea from the word go. I agree with him that I’m paranoid and neurotic, but I’m not crazy. I would NOT be listening to the baby’s heartbeat every twenty minutes as he claims. Once a day would be more than sufficient. At least until I can feel the baby move, then I probably wouldn’t use it anymore at all. And here’s the kicker, all my “friends” and my doctor agree with him. (Yeah, serious stinkeye at them. You’d think ONE of those heffas would’ve been on MY side. What’s the point of having friends if they’re going to agree with your husband?)

Miscarriages have stolen all my joy and innocence. I can still remember my first pregnancy and how naive I was. It never occurred to me, despite having excruciating fibroid pain for three months, that my baby wouldn’t make it. Now it’s hard to convince me that she will. My OB keeps pointing out that a loss at this point is unlikely and intellectually I know she’s right, but I also know from experience that it’s possible and that’s what keeps me up nights. I don’t know if my soul could survive losing another one. So I cry at every doctor’s appointment when I hear the heartbeat, I even started crying when I talked with the genetic counselor. And I cry myself to sleep at night. And I cry at car commercials. And I cry when Luke has a fever. In other words I’m a complete and total mess. At this rate they’ll probably call social services before they’ll let my crazy ass take this baby home.

All I can do is keep waiting for quickening but my babies tend to be lazy, so goodness only knows when that will happen. I didn’t feel the Luke until nearly 20 weeks! This is probably too much information for a blog, but I promised that I would share the good, the bad and the ugly. So here it is.