Week 29: It’s a Date!!!

Well, as you can see I’ve officially entered the “OMG I’m As Big as an Effing House” phase of this pregnancy. If all goes well I’ll be having a c-section on April 8th, pending the outcome of the amniocentesis I’ll have the previous day. I’m now seeing my OB every two weeks, but I don’t see the perinatologist again until mid-March. Then I’ll start seeing both every week until I deliver. Had another glucose tolerance test and it was even better than the previous one. All in all, other than being tired of being pregnant, this pregnancy is going well. I’m still on partial-bedrest (SUX!), and struggling with heartburn and nausea, but other than that, it’s all good.

Oh, and Whit has advised that I’m no longer allowed to wear the T-shirt in the photo out in public without a jacket. Uh Whit, the only person who thinks a 46 year old pregnant woman sexy is the person who knocked her up. Everyone else is trying to get out of her way. Ugh!!

Even More Diaper Baggage

I went to the Petunia Picklebottom site and discovered that the bag I thought was green is actually gray. I’m not sure I like it as much in gray.

Tea on the ThamesSunshine in SardiniaDreaming in DoverHeavenly HollandRelaxing in RioPeaceful PortofinoAfternoon in Auckland


I like the idea of a bright color, but I’m not sure if it’ll get on my nerves after a while. What do you guys think?

Glucose Tolerance Test – Redux

I had another GTT on Wednesday and got the results today. (Don’t ask why I had to have one at 20 weeks and another at 28. According to my OB the first was to see if I was diabetic, the second is to determine if the pregnancy is diabetic. No, I have NO effing idea what the difference is.) Anyway, apparently my threat to throw up on them if they made me take another one worked because I passed this one with flying colors. (I did finally figure out what that crap tastes like — a melted popsicle. Yeah, all sweet and sticky. Yuck!) Actually scored better on this one than the previous and I’ve had several Chick-Fil-A lemonades this week (Do they put crack in that stuff, or what?)

So I’m not diabetic, I am anemic. (That would explain why I feel like I’ve been rode hard and put away wet.) I can’t imagine how I got to be anemic considering that they tap me for blood so much I’ve been wondering if I’ve been captured by a renegade band of vampires. By my count I’ve had nearly 20 tubes of blood taken during this pregnancy. If that’s not enough to make me anemic I don’t know what is.

Visit with the perinatologist went well. I don’t have to see her again for six weeks (I start seeing my OB every two weeks and then every week starting the latter part of this month.) No, she didn’t take me off bedrest, but then I wasn’t expecting her to. Right now I’m so tired I’m not even nagging about it anymore.

My c-section is scheduled for April 8. Because I’ve had previous uterine surgery (myomectomy) and a c-section they don’t want to risk me going into labor. They throw around scary words like “uterine rupture,” apparently I’d bleed out before they could even get me to the hospital. Yeah, scary stuff, though given my hematocrit numbers I’m thinking I don’t have enough blood to bleed out. I’ll have an amnio on April 7 to ensure that his lungs are developed enough to be born and then have the surgery the next day. This is a bit odd because they’re doing it earlier than they did with Luke, and I didn’t have an amnio with that pregnancy. Luke did have some breathing difficulties at first and had to be in one of those bubble thingies. I’m hoping to avoid that because I think it’s best for babies to nurse and be skin-to-skin with mama as soon as possible after being born. It’ll help regulate his temperature and breathing and it’ll help his blood sugar as well. It’s good for mama because it makes your uterus contract. (Hurts like hell though after a c-section.)

Don’t know if I mentioned it already but we decided on the name Kell. I like the fact that it has almost the same letters as Luke, only rearranged. It’s Norse and means spring, which is apropos for an April baby.



Is It Just Me, or Are Baby Clothes Just Not Cute Anymore?

This is a major dilemma. I’ve been wandering around trying to get a layette together and I’ve been struck by the fact that the clothes just aren’t as cute as they were when I had Luke. I mean it’s always been hard to find cute stuff for boy babies, but this is absolutely insane. I’m fairly disciplined about it, especially in those first few weeks when you don’t really need anything but onesies and sleepers, but I would like a few cute outfits for church and doctor visits. My two go-to places Little Me and Gymboree don’t seem to have anything. I loved Parisian when I had Luke and of course, they are no more. Does anyone know of a place to find cute (reasonably priced) boy baby clothes? This is seriously harshing my mellow.

More Diaper Baggage

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Boxy Backpack - Moroccan Mint

This is the bag I really, really want. Yes, it’s crazy spendy, but I’ll be carrying the darned thing for THREE YEARS. What do y’all think? Is it crazy to spend $169 for a diaper bag? And also, which one do y’all like best? (Note: I adore the fourth, but it’s not coated canvas and you know that would be a mess. A dry clean only diaper bag? Uh, no.)

The Nursery

GULLIVER Crib  Length: 53 1/2 " Width: 29 1/2 " Height: 32 5/8 " Bed width: 27 1/2 " Bed length: 52 "  Length: 136 cm Width: 75 cm Height: 83 cm Bed width: 70 cm Bed length: 132 cm

We had decided a while back that we would get this crib from Ikea. I discovered them when we first moved here. We needed some furniture for Luke’s room and having just bought a house money was tighter than usual. So we bought him a bunk bed and chest  of drawers from Ikea. I thought he’d destroy them in very short order, but with any luck by then we’d have the money to buy sturdier stuff down the road. Well, I must say it’s almost three years later and that furniture still looks brand new! And it’s not because he hasn’t tried to destroy it, trust me.

I also like its plain lines, never cared for ornate cribs. When I first saw it, I thought we’d paint it a nice bright blue, or “hack” it like this one from the Ikea hack site, but now I’m thinking not so much. Something about this baby is making me want to be all crunchy and “green.” I want flora and fauna and this plain crib will be perfect. It’s also small, which is good because it’ll probably be in our bedroom for the first few months, then we’ll move it into the nursery. With Luke’s crib we (and by “we” I mean Whit) had to take it apart again to move it.


If you watch HGTV a lot like me you’ll recognize the crib from Sarah’s House. At least I’m pretty sure it’s the same crib, she just had it painted blue. I know for certain that those are Ikea curtains because I’ve seen them in the store. They shop at Ikea a lot on that show.

We also plan to get this chest of drawers. We liked using a changing table with Luke, so we’ll attach a changing pad to the top of the chest. That way once he’s out of diapers we’ll still have the chest. I like the idea of having the drawers. Our last changing table was open sided and I thought it always looked messy.

HEMNES 3 drawer chest red Width: 43 1/4 " Depth: 20 1/8 " Height: 38 1/4 "  Width: 110 cm Depth: 51 cm Height: 97 cm

I don’t know if I already mentioned it, but I got my lovely Lazboy Rocka-Recliner. All I can say is “Where the hell have you been all my life?” I sleep in it quite a bit, it’s so comfy and cozy I think all pregnant women should be issued one. It’s durable as hell too. Luke hasn’t managed to break it yet, though he’s doing his damnedest. I’ll be the first to concede that it’s not the most attractive piece of furniture I’ve ever owned, but at this point, I don’t even care. It will probably wind up in the boy’s room. I look forward to many years of reading them bedtime stories from the comfort of my “push prize.”

I’m still kicking around the idea of going with cloth diapers this time. I did it a bit with the Luke, but not full-time. I bought the flat-folds, but wish I’d had these BumGenius. I love these things like damn and whoa. Unfortunately, they’re crazy mad expensive. However, since you only have to buy one set to last you until the baby potty trains it does save you money in the long run. It runs into the thousands of dollars if your baby is in diapers until age three. But you have to put out about $300 in the short term. I’d probably need 12-18 and the cheapest I’ve found them is $18 a piece. Aren’t they too cute for words, though?

Poopy diapers are a main concern of course, but they’ve got this hand gizmo that you attach to the toilet for spraying the poop off. I’m thinking this will come in handy for cleaning the tub as well since it’s right next to the toilet. I would probably just keep a small trash can next to the toilet to drop the diapers in after spraying. And since I do at least one load of laundry per day, it shouldn’t be that big a deal. I’m still debating though.

Diaper Bags

Petunia Pickle Bottom 'Sashay' Organic Cotton Baby Bag One Size

Now that I’ve come to my senses and realized that I’m probably going to have a baby sometime in April I’ve been thinking about something that nearly drove me nuts with Luke: A diaper bag. Last time someone gave me this ugly black diaper bag. It was functional and convenient and best of all it wasn’t something Whit would be embarrassed to carry. Well, I decided this time I’m getting a nice bag and I’ll just have to get Whit one of these:













Only thing is, well this conversation will suffice.

Me: (watching Whit preparing to take 10 month old Luke to the park. He stuffs a diaper in his back pocket and a bottle in his jacket pocket and he’s off) Honey, don’t you want to take the diaper bag? Are you sure you’ll be okay with just one diaper?

Whit: (with a shrug) If he goes through more than one diaper, it’s time to come home.

So, it goes without saying that there really is no point in getting a diaper bag that Whit will use, as according to him, that’s what pockets are for. Bottom line is, he’s not a Diaper Dude kind of dude.

I really love the bag up top. It’s especially neat as it converts to a backpack, very convenient for when the baby starts walking and you don’t have a hand to spare. Kind of pricey at $85, but not bad for something I’ll probably be carrying for at least three years.

Of course, I might prefer something a little less diaper baggish looking. This one is quite stylish. Of course the nearly $400 price tags puts it well out of my range.

Then there’s this bag that was carried by, who else Jennifer Lopez. Italian leather of course, but with a convenient vinyl lining. At $1250 it’s a bag that only La Lopez could carry.




January 9th, 2011

I already mentioned that I never thought I’d reach this point in this pregnancy. Back in August when I was curled up in the fetal position on my bathroom floor screaming in terror and joy with that pregnancy test in my hand I couldn’t even wrap my mind around the idea that I was pregnant. In the days to follow I was just numb, I even convinced myself that it was yet another chemical pregnancy (egg fertilizes but doesn’t implant). That bought me a few days of peace, at least until I looked at the calendar. It had been far too long for a chemical pregnancy.

My previous losses had been so late-term I knew that it could happen at any time, so I didn’t even let myself think that this could actually be a successful pregnancy. This was a protective mechanism, of course. I decided I wouldn’t believe in it until I reached 24 weeks. I knew from previous experience that they can save six-month babies as they’re viable and can breathe on their own.

Then I looked at the calendar to mark the date when the baby would be viable and realized something startling: I would reach six-months on January 9th. And I started screaming again. Why? Because January 9th is my mama’s birthday. And just like that a warm and calm feeling flowed over me. No matter what I would be okay, and this baby would be okay. I couldn’t quite let myself believe that I would have a live baby, but at least I was pretty sure I wouldn’t lose my mind.

So here we are, with my mama once again looking out for me. I have been truly blessed. Happy birthday Mama.

I wrote this on my mother’s birthday, but couldn’t bring myself to post it before. It was too emotional and too personal.


I Think This Might Be the Quilt

This is the quilt as originally conceived. It’s almost identical to the one that is currently on Luke’s bed.

His great-aunt Ellen gave me that top which was originally pieced by his paternal great-grandmother. It wasn’t complete, but I was fortunate enough to find retro-1930s fabric to fill it out. You really can’t tell the difference. The first year after I finished it he slept under it every night no matter how hot it was. When I tried to take it off he said, “I have to sleep under it Mama. It means you love me.” (Yeah I cried, I’m such a wuss).

Anyway, that quilt has 28 blocs with 36 squares to the block. I’m not that great a strip-piecer (It’s a bear to line those boxes up on the machine when you set the blocks together, no biggee by hand), so I came up with a solution.

By adding 14 half-square triangle blocks I literally cut my work in half. Piecing those will take no time at all, and I don’t have to worry about aligning all those 2″ squares on the machine.

It’ll probably take me a couple of weekends and before you know it I’ll have a 48″ x 84″ quilt top. God only knows when I’ll have time to quilt it, but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it! 😀 What do y’all think?

Cutey-Pie Bunnies



If this isn’t the cutest fabric I’ve ever seen I don’t know what is. I’m making a scrappy retro-1930s quilt for the baby’s room. I think I’ll use this fabric to make crib sheets.

ETA: I can’t believe I found the yellow bunnies too! Considering this fabric came out in 2008 it’s a bleeping miracle. Went all over town today looking for retro-30s fabric. I’ll never do that again. Found a site where I can order without sales tax OR shipping. Yay me!