Baby Birthing Mix Tape

Whit is particularly good at making mix tapes and he tends to make them for events. Usually for road trips, but he’s also done mixes for things like birthdays and holidays. I’m thinking of some of the songs I’d like to have for delivering this baby. Some are for Kell, and some are for me. What are some songs you think would be good for baby birthing?

Woman I’m Amazed – McCartney

Shower the People – Taylor (Can’t have a mix tape without Sweet Baby James)

With Arms Wide Open – Creed (Love this song, hate Creed. I think Darrius Rucker could seriously blow this song up. If anybody knows him, hook a mama up.)

Blessed – John

I Never Loved a Man – Franklin (This is hand’s down my fave Aretha Franklin song. I’ve even got a story based on it. Aretha, take care of yourself. I’ll be too pissed if you die before I can get the story written.)

Now y’all join in. If you were delivering a baby, what songs would you want him to hear during his first moments of life? What would you want to hear during this amazing event?


Baby Clothes

I just bought a bunch  of baby clothes over at the Carter’s site. Don’t you just love this outfit for my “War Eagle” baby? Conceived the year Auburn won the national title, and oddly enough no one’s suggested any Auburn related names. I just love the little cap.

Of course I couldn’t resist the set with a “rock star” theme.

I bought seven little outfits, that’ll be enough for the first month or so. He’ll be growing so fast he’ll be out of them in no time. For the first months I primarily just let Luke wear a onesie most of the time anyway. Will probably do the same with Kell. Still looking for a pretty smocked bubble for Easter Sunday though. I’m so excited to have a new baby to show off at Easter. I can’t believe Whit is over his anti-smocking bias. He wouldn’t let Luke wear anything smocked, I’ll probably lose my mind with this baby.

Diaper Bags: The Final Chapter

Well after much consideration as to how this family rolls I’ve concluded that a pretty diaper bag won’t cut the muster. What with sippy cups and matchbox cars and that entire month I was hauling a robot around (don’t ask), my dainty little bag would be in shreds in weeks. I’ve concluded that I need two bags. I like the idea of a backpack  that holds lots of stuff, especially for when we’re out all day and for road trips. And a smaller one that I can just “grab and go.” I think I’ve found both at Land’s End. This one can be a backpack or a shoulder bag, and I think it’ll hook conveniently over the headrest of the car for roadtrips. Land’s End stuff is durable, Luke has a duffel bag that his dad hauled around for twenty years and it’s still in good shape.

And I like this little one for everyday use. Especially since I won’t be hauling bottles or anything. Best of all, I can get BOTH bags for $65.;CM_MERCH=REC-_-FPPP-_-GGT-_-2-_-397112-_-397114

This concludes the diaper bag search portion of our program. Thank you for your support. Next week stay tuned for the Great Stroller Quest.

Week 29: It’s a Date!!!

Well, as you can see I’ve officially entered the “OMG I’m As Big as an Effing House” phase of this pregnancy. If all goes well I’ll be having a c-section on April 8th, pending the outcome of the amniocentesis I’ll have the previous day. I’m now seeing my OB every two weeks, but I don’t see the perinatologist again until mid-March. Then I’ll start seeing both every week until I deliver. Had another glucose tolerance test and it was even better than the previous one. All in all, other than being tired of being pregnant, this pregnancy is going well. I’m still on partial-bedrest (SUX!), and struggling with heartburn and nausea, but other than that, it’s all good.

Oh, and Whit has advised that I’m no longer allowed to wear the T-shirt in the photo out in public without a jacket. Uh Whit, the only person who thinks a 46 year old pregnant woman sexy is the person who knocked her up. Everyone else is trying to get out of her way. Ugh!!

Glucose Tolerance Test – Redux

I had another GTT on Wednesday and got the results today. (Don’t ask why I had to have one at 20 weeks and another at 28. According to my OB the first was to see if I was diabetic, the second is to determine if the pregnancy is diabetic. No, I have NO effing idea what the difference is.) Anyway, apparently my threat to throw up on them if they made me take another one worked because I passed this one with flying colors. (I did finally figure out what that crap tastes like — a melted popsicle. Yeah, all sweet and sticky. Yuck!) Actually scored better on this one than the previous and I’ve had several Chick-Fil-A lemonades this week (Do they put crack in that stuff, or what?)

So I’m not diabetic, I am anemic. (That would explain why I feel like I’ve been rode hard and put away wet.) I can’t imagine how I got to be anemic considering that they tap me for blood so much I’ve been wondering if I’ve been captured by a renegade band of vampires. By my count I’ve had nearly 20 tubes of blood taken during this pregnancy. If that’s not enough to make me anemic I don’t know what is.

Visit with the perinatologist went well. I don’t have to see her again for six weeks (I start seeing my OB every two weeks and then every week starting the latter part of this month.) No, she didn’t take me off bedrest, but then I wasn’t expecting her to. Right now I’m so tired I’m not even nagging about it anymore.

My c-section is scheduled for April 8. Because I’ve had previous uterine surgery (myomectomy) and a c-section they don’t want to risk me going into labor. They throw around scary words like “uterine rupture,” apparently I’d bleed out before they could even get me to the hospital. Yeah, scary stuff, though given my hematocrit numbers I’m thinking I don’t have enough blood to bleed out. I’ll have an amnio on April 7 to ensure that his lungs are developed enough to be born and then have the surgery the next day. This is a bit odd because they’re doing it earlier than they did with Luke, and I didn’t have an amnio with that pregnancy. Luke did have some breathing difficulties at first and had to be in one of those bubble thingies. I’m hoping to avoid that because I think it’s best for babies to nurse and be skin-to-skin with mama as soon as possible after being born. It’ll help regulate his temperature and breathing and it’ll help his blood sugar as well. It’s good for mama because it makes your uterus contract. (Hurts like hell though after a c-section.)

Don’t know if I mentioned it already but we decided on the name Kell. I like the fact that it has almost the same letters as Luke, only rearranged. It’s Norse and means spring, which is apropos for an April baby.



Is It Just Me, or Are Baby Clothes Just Not Cute Anymore?

This is a major dilemma. I’ve been wandering around trying to get a layette together and I’ve been struck by the fact that the clothes just aren’t as cute as they were when I had Luke. I mean it’s always been hard to find cute stuff for boy babies, but this is absolutely insane. I’m fairly disciplined about it, especially in those first few weeks when you don’t really need anything but onesies and sleepers, but I would like a few cute outfits for church and doctor visits. My two go-to places Little Me and Gymboree don’t seem to have anything. I loved Parisian when I had Luke and of course, they are no more. Does anyone know of a place to find cute (reasonably priced) boy baby clothes? This is seriously harshing my mellow.