New Eyeglasses

I was out and about playing soccer with the little guy the other day (Yeah, I know it’s madness, utter madness.) He slide tackled me and broke my glasses. So I’ve been looking for a new pair. This is a major undertaking because of my funky prescription my glasses average around $500 a pair. Came across this blog. Dude is on a serious campaign to save consumers from overpriced eyewear. Sounds like a campaign I can get behind.

Anyway, I saw the top pair at Target. They’re DKNY and cost $169. With my prescription and whatnot they’ll probably wind up costing what I typically pay. On the other hand, the bottom pair is $49, INCLUDING the lenses!!! Now, I’ll probably have to pay extra because of my wacky prescription. But even if it costs twice or even three times as much, I’m still ahead.

I think the frames are comparable in looks, I like the fuschia color. I’ll keep y’all posted on the 0utcome.


Eureka! I Have Found It!

Like most folks the only printer I have is the little ink jet printer that came with my computer. I long for a lovely laserjet, but my ship still hasn’t come in. The cost of ink for an inkjet is prohibitive, and I print a lot because I can’t edit well on the computer so I have to print out my manuscripts and edit in longhand. Last week my  friend, Lisa G. Riley gave me the hook up to this place called LD Products. Get this, for what I was paying for four cartridges, I got TEN. They’re not the brand name, but they work fine in my  printer. And they’re fast. I ordered on Friday and my ink arrived on Monday. It is beyond awesome. So, as usual, I’m passing my hook up on to you. 



Pasta Puttanesca: The Remix

I was watching Rachael Ray and she made one of my fave sauces. Puttanesca is probably the easiest Italian sauce: Garlic, olive oil, big can of tomatoes, oil-cured black olives and anchovies. Add some red pepper flakes and basil and it’s all good. Normally I make it as a side with chicken or chops. Rachael substituted tuna in oil for the anchovies. I was resistant at first, but last night I decided to give it a shot. (I kept the anchovies in as well since I had them on hand.) It was delish, you don’t really taste the tuna, and of course the addition turns it from a side to a entree for very little money. I mean, come on, what’s cheaper than tuna? By my calculations I fed the three of us (Including whole wheat pasta) for less than $7.00, total. I’m delighted to add this one to my budget friendly recipe arsenal.