Monnie’s Movie IS HERE!!!

IM telling you if you miss out on this movie YOU WILL regret it! Monnie makes the kind of movies we’ve been looking for. Smart! Funny! Sophisticated! And, best of all, thought-provoking! Get extras! I got six. It’s never too early for Christmas shopping. Trust, all your friends will want this one. And everybody will be talking about it. It rolls out February 5th,


The Coalition Premieres at the ABFF


Remember I told y’all about the movie “The Coalition” my friend Monica Mingo made with Terrell Suggs who plays for the Baltimore Ravens and was the NFL Defensive Player of the year last year? (Okay, so I’m a football fan, sue me.) Well, it premiered at the ABFF (American Black Film Festival) last week! 

The movie is the ultimate scorned woman tale. The male lead, Prime, is a pro athlete with all that entails: wine, women and song. Autumn, the woman scorned has mad skills at building a coalition to take her revenge against Prime and all his boys. 

This is the kind of quality movie we’ve all been dying for and I can’t wait until you guys get to see it. Monica wrote and directed it, and Terrell, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens and was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year last year (Yeah, I said it again!) produced it. 


God is Trying to Tell Me Something…

I’ve never attended a national romance writer’s convention. Primarily because attending costs roughly the equivalent of the GDP of a small Caribbean country. I had decided that as part of my career redo I would endeavor to attend at least one conference. So where’s next year’s Romantic Time’s conference? Chicago where Lisa G. Riley my writing partner and BFF lives. Where’s the 2013 Romance Writer’s of America conference? Atlanta, where I live of course. Sometimes he sends a pebble. And sometimes he sends a palette of bricks. Okay God, I’m listening.

One of These Days…

I think I’ve shared my passionate adoration of Neil Young with you before. This is a particular favorite. I don’t have many friends — if you read this blog you probably have no trouble understanding why. My mama always said that if you manage to make it through life with more than one true friend you should consider yourself blessed.

When I left Huntsville I had to leave behind the woman I would consider my soulmate (if I believed in such things). Her health isn’t great and getting to Atlanta from Huntsville is damned near impossible. I never expected her to come over after Kell was born. When I looked up and saw her I wanted to burst into tears. But couldn’t because she would’ve kicked my ass for doubting her, because you know, that’s what friends do. And I am truly blessed.

“One of these days, I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter. One of these days, it won’t be long…”

Book Drive/Fund Raiser (Updated Info)

Shiloh Walker was very generous when I did a fundraiser for Sharon Cullars earlier this year. Flooding has hit her local library in Louisville hard, doing more than $5 million dollars in damage. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know I’m passionate about libraries. I truly believe they literally saved my life. The updated information is per her request. 

On August 4, heavy rains caused flooding in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas.  TheLouisville Free Public Library’s main branch was hit hard and the damages are estimated at $1 million $5 million. (per the Courier Journal on 8/6/09) 

I’m putting to a book drive in effort to help.

How you can help:


Donations of new books, all genres.

Information about monetary donations can be found at WFPL.

Authors & Publishers:

Donations of both signed and unsigned books.  All genres, from children’s books to romance to non-fiction, etc, etc.

Signed books can be used in fundraiser purposes.  Unsigned books can be used to help replenish the books that were lost due to the flood.


Flooding at Louisville Free Public Library

Image from WFPL

I have spoken with somebody with the library and at this time, they have no place to store books.  However, I’m close and I will keep the books at my house until they are able to take them.

For those wishing to donate books, please send to:

Shiloh Walker

PO Box 976

Jeffersonville, IN


Four Little Girls

The bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church has always resonated with me in a personal way. I’m not sure why considering that it happened before I was born. Maybe because I grew up just sixty  miles northeast of where it happened. Or perhaps it was the youth of its victims. I’m not really sure. It has always bugged me that they’re always referred to as ‘four little girls.’ That phrase seems to have stripped Addie, Denise, Cynthia and Carole of their personhood. Then again, maybe that’s just what history does.

When I wrote Rock Star I gave three of my characters their names, and I wondered if anyone would notice. So far, one reader has and I’m really impressed. Unfortunately, I deleted her email accidentally. I hope she’ll contact me again, that is just so cool. 

Someday  I plan to do a quilt to commemorate them. Perhaps a stained glass quilt similar to the hella cool one in this picture. I’m not sure, but I think I’ll always  feel the need to make sure they’re remembered as people.

Woman I’m Amazed

Blame It On Paradise (Indigo Love Spectrum)

Crystal Hubbard, who, by the way, is one of the best damned writers on the planet, had me in tears this morning. And, no, it wasn’t from laughing hysterically at the Epilogue of Blame it On Paradise

See, Crystal is recovering from cancer and subsequent bouts of chemotherapy. When she heard about Sharon Cullars’ plight, she was one of the first people to respond. In addition to donating the $200 she won on scratch-offs, she and her children went door-to-door selling cupcakes and kettlecorn (Ummm kettlecorn. Sorry, kettlecorn just brings out the Homer Simpson in me.) and raised an additional $300. 

Despite having gone above and beyond on Sharon’s behalf, Crystal sent me an email this morning despairing that she hadn’t been able to give more. I know this is a cliché, but people like her restore my faith in humanity. So, here’s to you Crystal Hubbard, thank you is not nearly enough. Love you like a play cousin.