American Kingpin

Just finished this book. It’s about the Silk Road dude. Basically old boy built an Amazon on the Dark Web for all manner of illegal activities mainly gun and drug sales.

I read the article about him in Gawker years ago (Yes, he gave an interview to Gawker 🤷🏾‍♀️ ) and remember thinking ‘well he won’t be around long’. The Feds really hate it when criminals make them look bad.

By the time he was finally caught the damned thing was worth $1.2 billion dollars. He’s doing life plus 40 years. So he’ll die in federal prison. Presumably he put at least some of that money away. I have to wonder though. Why didn’t he quit? I mean he had to know the Feds were gunning for him. He had actual DEA agents on his payroll. He’d scouted out a non-extradition country to escape to. You would think after making a certain amount of money they’d have enough sense to bail.

My next question is, who’s running Silk Road II?

You know someone is. No way are they leaving that kind of money out there. Presumably they aren’t giving interviews being a little less arrogant than Ulbricht.

Anyway, excellent book. Allegedly the Coen brothers are writing a screenplay. I love the Coen’s but I wish it was Hiassen.

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