Cheating Songs/Cheating Books



Y’all know how I feel about cheating. As far as I’m concerned cheaters belong in the inner rings of Hell. Cheaters destroy families and I’ve watched too many women have their hearts ripped out and their sense of self-worth utterly destroyed by a selfish bastard who was totally unworthy of them, but today as I was jamming to “As We Lay,” I got to thinking about the fact that some of my fave songs, are in fact, cheating songs. The song I consider one of the greatest of all time, Jolene, isn’t necessarily a cheating song, but it kind of really is.

I was also thinking about the romance genre and how cheating is a deal breaker but not for some. (It goes without saying I’m firmly in the DEALBREAKER column.) It seems to be quite prevalent in motorcycle club romances, and I immediately DNF them.

How about you, what are some of your favorite cheating songs? And how do you feel about cheating books?

2 thoughts on “Cheating Songs/Cheating Books

  1. My comment has nothing so ever to do with your subject. I wanted to let you know I spent this weekend reading Rumors of War, and Act of War. My genre of reading is usually Stephen King, Walter Mosley, Greg Isle. But when I want a change of pace I always count on you. When will Shadow of War be released?

  2. Sorry I’m just now seeing this. We hope Shadow of War will be out in late winter. Lisa and I both have so much going on, but we love this series and desperately want to finish it.

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