Pussycat Death Squad Muster Roll

PDS meow

Another brilliant suggestion from one of my super-fans, she thought I should provide you guys with a list of the members of the Pussycat Death Squad. These are the ones that I already have a story plotted out for. In my head-canon there are sixteen members, but that number changes as more are recruited and others retire, and yes, some are killed. There might be others at some point as well.

Pussycat Death Squad Muster Roll

Lelia Assad McBride – leader hand-to-hand combat Pussycat Death Squad
Vries St. John – supermodel and stealth assassin The Lion in Russia
Astaria Ibrahim – sniper Pussycat In Peril
Karyis Kendall  – jewel thief Diamonds on the River 
Grace Murdoch – helicopter pilot Fall From Grace
Sarai Said – chemist, poisons and explosives Fall From Grace 
Giselle Henry – computer hacker
Cesaré Shahidi – supermodel and combat specialist


3 thoughts on “Pussycat Death Squad Muster Roll

  1. This so awesome. I love of Backstory. I love characters with a history. It’s like the commentary and deleted scenes on DVDs.

  2. That’s an interesting viewpoint. That’s what I love about indie publishing. We can take an idea and go with it without having to get it past a publisher or anyone else. I also like the idea of books becoming a more protean medium incorporating aspects of other media when feasible.

  3. Yeah, I really like the pinterest boards that you put together for the stories you write. It totally inspires me as well. I like to look at them after reading a story to see if the picture in my head matches the writer. I also like seeing the ideas from the story pop up again in life or other stories. Like when I sent you the pin of the peacock gate that reminded me of Scrapper. I’m definitely a person who thinks about characters after I’ve finished a story.

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