Remember What I Told Y’all About Those Fake Books?

Well, yeah, worse has definitely come to worst. Scammers on Amazon

The other night I was just tooling around the best-seller lists on Amazon. In multicultural I hit #30 before I found a real author, then it was another couple dozen or so before I found another one.

8 thoughts on “Remember What I Told Y’all About Those Fake Books?

  1. It’s come to the point where on Amazon, I go for authors I know first and then I’ll only try out new ones if they’ve been plugged on real authors’ facebooks or on goodreads. Way too many scammers out there.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I do, too. I try to plug as many as I can when I find them, but I’m trying to write more now so I’m not reading nearly enough.

  3. Same here. I only go with authors I know and recommendations from authors and readers I know. I used to find all my authors by just doing interracial romance, but now I don’t know what is real or fake.

  4. Fake books? I’ve probably missed your previous posts about this, so I’m not sure what you’re meaning by fake books. Are you saying that they are plagiarized books? Are you saying they are really short books passing off as novels?

  5. Holy Cow!! That’s a hot mess. I mean, what the heck? Thieves put so much effort into their craftiness. It would be such a magnificent contribution to the world if they used their “smarts” and “craftiness” for something positive. We work so hard on our books only to be robbed by scammers / thieves. SMH. Wow. Just… wow!

  6. It is amazing Michele, but I blame Amazon. Maybe they didn’t know this would happen, though certainly they had plenty of warning, and they’ve had more than adequate time to correct the problem.

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