Please Accept Our Sincere Apologies

If you pre-ordered Oh, What a Christmas and/or Christmas Wishes & Kisses from Amazon you did not get the entire file. There were changes made that for reasons we don’t understand did not go through. THIS IS FOR THE PRE-ORDERS ONLY.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but in order to get the corrected books, you’ll need to return and then re-buy them. Again, we are so sorry this happened.

Hold on to those pre-order receipts and we’ll make it up to you on the next book in the series, Putting the EX in Christmas. Again, this is for the pre-orders only from Amazon. All other copies of the book are fine. 

Oh, What a Christmas

Christmas Wishes & Kisses

4 thoughts on “Please Accept Our Sincere Apologies

  1. Hi, I did what you said, but the repurchased version doesn’t seem any different from the pre-ordered version.

  2. Really? When we checked the books, some changes we’d made didn’t go through. I’m already irritated with Amazon for inconveniencing our readers this way, I’ll be really ticked off if it was all for nothing. I’m so sorry Ingrid.

  3. The preordered versions don’t appear incomplete though. If you’re talking plot changes in the meat of the story, I don’t know. No worries, this gives me an excuse the reread both text in their entirety in order to compare notes 😀.

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