Dear Amazon: Please stop lumping all AA Books in the same category

This is very important. Crucial even. It’s bad enough that bookstores do this, but Amazon with their fixation on algorithms from hell really has no excuse.

Joyce The Author

Last night I came across a really great post on Facebook from author Zuri Day

In the post, she talks about how, for some unknown and unfair reason, Amazon has decided to lump ALL African-American Fiction/Auhtors into the “Hood/Street” Fiction category. You can click on her name above to read exactly what she wrote. I feel she is speaking what many African-American authors who don’t read or write “Hood Fiction” have been saying and thinking for a very long time. Listen, we all are allowed to have a preference of what genre of books we enjoy writing or reading. I don’t knock any author who writes Street Lit (THOTS-such a stupid word, king/queenpins, etc) nor do I judge the many readers who obviously enjoy these types of books. However, I don’t write hood/street lit because it’s not me- I’m not about that life. I don’t associate myself with drug dealers…

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One thought on “Dear Amazon: Please stop lumping all AA Books in the same category

  1. I used to be able to type in interacial romance and get a variety of romances along with some mysteries. Then everyone became a writer with the explosion of ebooks. And now there are titles and authors and storylines that have me making faces and rolling my eyes. It’s like forget about contemporary AA and IR romance because that’s not good enough. It’s all about hood stories or made up nonsense. Even in the book store if you ask for AA romance they point you to the table that is all hood romance. If folks dig that’s cool, but don’t assume that because I read black romance that I am interested in that particular genre of romance. Folks don’t get that romance has many genres. It’s not all the same an neither are readers.

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