Welcome to the Holcomb Honeycomb!!!

Logo sample2

I’ve been  getting ready for upcoming releases and thought the old blog could do with refreshing. What do y’all think of the new logo? Pretty spiffy, huh? How about the new catchphrase? Honey sweet romances with a sexy sting. Y’all better have some. 

Someone asked me about the phrase “Y’all better have some.” It’s a black Southernism. It’s an offering to share your food with someone else. I’ve always thought it was so cool and it typifies me and the type of books I like to write.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Holcomb Honeycomb!!!

  1. I like changes, as long as the original concept stays. Nice colours. Yellow means love in the country of my birth. I also dig your catch phrase as it always left me with a warm tingle. I just knew it came from the warmest of Americans…….Southerners.
    Looking forward to all the new reads. Can’t wait!

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