LogoQuestion, how many of y’all (readers and authors) use Audible or some other audiobook system? I’ve pretty much reached my saturation point of learning software, and the thought of having to hire readers and such makes my eyes cross. I’m seriously unable to can at this point, but if I have a lot of readers who like audiobooks it might be worth the trouble. Hit me up in the comments to let me know, and if you use something other than Audible let me know that too. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Audiobooks?

  1. I really enjoy audiobooks and buy them as often as I can. I enjoy listening in the car during a trip or while knitting/crochet.

  2. I love audiobooks and have about 12 of them. It makes it convenient to read while doing housework and keeps me company on long drives or travel.

  3. I cannot fathom this concept. Really cannot. Call me unenlightened, not evolved or simply old fashion. Am not there yet. ebook(ing) is my limit thus far…..

  4. I listen to downloadable audiobooks free from the library all the time. Most libraries in the U.S. use the OverDrive app, which I like even more than Audible. You should try it! I think people would really enjoy listening to your books.

  5. Hi Roslyn! I decided to pop in and I am so pleased to see this post. I remember mentioning this to you yeaaarrrs ago. I love audiobooks and I have had an audible sub on and off over the years. I know it is not financially feasible for some independent writers, but for you, it is always worth a try. You know…. I have even seen some big authors do their own narations, like Toni Morrison (from the top of my head). Do you think you can pull that off with your own voice?

  6. That’s the thing, I haven’t ever even listened to one. I think it would aggravate me because I don’t have a great attention span as it is. I don’t think I could narrate it myself, for one thing I have no idea how you even set it up. So far I’ve had like three people express an interest. Lisa and I talked about making the Of Wars books available just to see how it goes, so we’ll see. Thanks.

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