Someone Please Help Me Understand

With the internet blowing up with stories about Cecil the Zimbabwean lion slaughtered by that monstrous dentist in Texas Minnesota (my bad, I stand corrected) I got my National Geographic yesterday and there was story about taxidermy. I’ve always found the practice creepy. Seriously, I don’t want anything dead in my house, but understand it serves a role. Anyway, this was one of the pictures in the story. Okay, I can comprehend that there are people who love the “thrill of the hunt.” Though how challenging could shooting a giraffe be? How the hell could you miss the thing? But why in the hell would you want to bring dead animals back to your house? I love animals, and I grew up in the country where men routinely hunted deer and birds for food. I have no beef with either of those. Those people were always very responsible, and the fees they pay in licensing and such help the state maintain the wildlife. With deer in particular, they’d be overpopulated and most likely starve if there was no responsible hunting, but why would anyone want to live in a house with the bodies of the animals they’ve killed. The dude in this picture is from Texas too, and he claims his hunts helps with conservation, and maybe it does, but damn if it doesn’t seem sick as all hell to me.

4 thoughts on “Someone Please Help Me Understand

  1. I give the side-eye to this public outrage – hunting for sport has been popular for centuries if not longer, especially in the Western world, and most explicitly among affluent whites. I’ve never understood the appeal at all. Hunting for food or conservation is a different matter, but I struggle to understand the ferocity of the backlash in this context. If the proper “authorizations” had occurred, would it have made it better? I don’t care about Palmer, but I wonder if these same people have always been so vocal about the practice. It’s always been gross to me.

  2. His wife looks like a trophy too. Nope, don’t understand this except as a fetish for dead things. If you are going to hunt an animal, eat it, make something out of the hide but don’t stuff the corpse and gloat at it.

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