Ladies Night

So the other day I was watching some TV show the name of which I don’t recall, but it was about women in unusual situations. These three women were a Hasidic Jewish rock band (You can see why I was enthralled). Anyway, in keeping with their traditions, they can only perform in front of an all-female audience. They were having a bear of a time booking gigs, and I didn’t get to see all of the show, but it got me to thinking. How cool would it be to actually have events that were only for women?

It seems that everywhere we go as women we are subject to harassment by creepy ass men. When I was younger I was hugely into basketball and loved nothing better than hanging out with my friends at a local sports bar, hoisting a few brews and watching the game. With much trash talking, natch. Well, nine times out of ten we couldn’t get through the game without some guy (or guys) bothering us. No matter how much we ignored them, there they were. Indeed, some of my friends preferred to hang out at gay bars for that very reason. I didn’t like the vibe there because quiet as it’s kept gay men can be just as misogynistic as straight guys. Hell, if I was going to be treated like crap I might as well get a free drink for my trouble.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to rescue a friend from a guy who got too handsy, and I actually had to punch a dude in the face once for grabbing my ass. Seriously? Who needs this kind of grief?

I doubt anyone will be opening a women’s only bar anytime soon. Indeed even lesbian bars are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but I think it would be awesome if Ladies Night could somehow actually be just for women. No worrying about being roofied, or going to the toilet in pairs to avoid harassment. Just a night of great music or sports with some friends.

One thought on “Ladies Night

  1. That’s very true. All lesbian bars have become hetero-queer party centers where men pretending to be lesbians come to perv on us. Besides, don’t you know that having women-only, especially lesbian only spaces hurts male feels?

    I would love if we had women-only bars, coffee houses, bookstores, etc. but men think that they have the right to perv on women in public. It’s disgusting. When I was a teenager, I had men who were older than my father hit on me when I went shopping, which is pretty sad since my father is 37 years older than me. I am 25 now, but it’s still creepy because I know I don’t look like an adult. I get carded buying lotto tickets in a state where the gambling age is 18 and people are always surprised when I protest that I’m an adult; I am in grad school.

    But, women-only spaces are something we can dream about and hopefully make a reality. I often go to cafes or restaurants with my friends, or hang out at my office at school (how nerdy) because it seems to reduce the odds of creeper men as opposed to a bar hangout.

    The atmosphere is very different in women-only settings.

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