For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Homicide When the Rainbow is Too Much



For two and a half years I followed Person of Interest, primarily because of the phenomenon that is Taraji P. Henson. Only to watch them not only shoot her dead in the street like a dog in order to elevate a robotic sociopath, but also totally change the basic premise of the show. Then the motherfuckers lied, lied and lied some more. Yes, they fridged Carter to elevate two white women. Okay, cool, you don’t want me to watch your show, I won’t watch it. Not only will I not watch the show, I watch NOTHING on CBS, or anything created by the show runner or his brother.

Then you have Sleepy Hollow. Can someone please explain to why any sane person would take a hit television show, sideline all the stars who made it a hit in order to elevate a woman who can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag and is apparently incapable of speaking above a whisper? Where they do that at? They took Jenny’s backstory and gave it to some random white dude, and have literally turned Abbie into Ichabod and Katrina’s mammy. And don’t even get me started on how callously she treated Irving, a man who literally died trying to fight for the Witnesses. Irving wouldn’t even be in this mess were it not for her, even after his child was possessed by a demon he stayed the course. Yet, she couldn’t even comfort him in his time of distress. Nope got to go save Massah and Miss Anne. *vomit* It’s like the new show runner couldn’t comprehend a black woman being the lead in a television show, while her sister occupies the “adventurous Indiana Jones” role. Black women have to be someone’s handmaiden, don’t you know? Even if it makes no goddamned sense.

As the Sony leaks have so aptly demonstrated, Hollywood is still a horribly racist town. As black folk we’ve been told repeatedly, Hollywood only sees green. Create something folk want to see and you’ll reap the rewards. In both these cases Taraji P. Henson and Nicole Beharie (et al) did just that. Clearly, Hollywood cares far more about race than it does about money because the ratings of both shows plummeted yet they carried on with the fuckery. Bottom line is for black women in Hollywood quality is meaningless, as are ratings. At the very least you would think they would be honest about it.

I was never a big television person in the first place, but yeah, I’m angry and bitter about this. I’ve spent most of my life watching white women being the star while black women are relegated to “clean up woman” status. Sorry, I have no intention of watching it anymore.

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9 thoughts on “For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Homicide When the Rainbow is Too Much

  1. I could read your posts all day! While I don’t have network TV, I know what you’re saying to be the truth. One of the bright lights I’ve come across recently are women of color creating the kind of programs they want to see, produce, create and be a part of… ONLINE. I’m convinced this movement will only get bigger and better and I support it wholeheartedly.
    I wish I had memorized a few of the titles of episodes I’ve seen recently, but a quick search should bring them up. If you’ve seen any of these or find them, I’d love to hear what you think about what these highly creative women are doing.

  2. This post is LOL funny.

    I don’t know about Person on Interest because I never watched. I do watch Sleepy Hollow and while I agree about your assessment of the actress that plays Katrina, I don’t think Abby is a mammy type. It does suck that the show has relegated her sister to finding Hawley all the time as if she doesn’t have her own “set of particular skills”.

    Abby dissing Irving, I took that more as her knowing that in the scheme of things she really can’t trust anyone and he did just come back from the dead and also in the previous episode they had to deal with that Rogue Angel.

    I do wish the show would go back to the way it was last year. Sigh, it was a much better show last year.

    Anyway, what do you think of Empire, since that is where Taraji is now?

  3. K’Lee, I haven’t seen any of them, but would be interested. Yes, that’s her as Catwoman. Interestingly enough, she posted that the Halloween before they killed Carter. And Nolan has gone on and on about how Shaw is his Catwoman. Could anyone be a sexier Catwoman than Taraji?

    Stephanie, I haven’t watched Empire. I don’t trust Lee Daniels as a producer, he’s a bit much into that pathology porn, and I don’t really like soap opera type shows. I do plan to pick it up next week though just to get my TPH fix.

    I understand that she had every right to be suspicious of Irving, but her lack of compassion, especially in light of other similar instances, like the wendigo where she was totally ride or die. At this rate is looks like she only has sympathy for white people. Not a good look.

  4. Say that shit!!! I stopped watching POI after the first season because I felt like Taraji was just there to fill some quota. Do not even get me started on Sleepy Hollow. The writers have destroyed that show by making Katrina the white savior all of a sudden and turning Abbie into a part-time sidekick. I’m a click away from tuning out permanently.

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