The Big Sleep: Sleepy Hollow’s Least Shocking Death

Mala pretty much summed up everything I have to say about the fuckery that is Sleepy Hollow these days. They’re so impressed with their “surprise” fall finale. Gee, they killed the black guy. A trope so common it’s now fodder for every third rate hack out there. And I will never watch another show with a redheaded woman in it. What.the.Fuck is with these writers and the gingers!?! They fucked up Grimm the same way. Hell, they’ve got Katrina in a goddamned corset. Call me crazy, but I would imagine any woman brought two hundred years into the future would drop the corset ASAP. These helpless damsels in distress give me a jock itch. Seriously.

Jenny-Abbie-Irving “Are we allowed to be here? Should we leave?”

As FOX’s sophomore supernatural hit Sleepy Hollow breaks for midseason, it seems to have taken the “hollow” part of its moniker to heart. The show that surprised and charmed millions of viewers in the fall of 2013 with its combination of solid character work, whimsy and genuinely creepy lore — cinched by the chemistry of leads Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison — has lost its soul in its second year, becoming a rote, tiresome exploration of Crane family pathos.

Looking at an interview with TVLine, it appears that executive producer Mark Goffman may have no idea why that’s a problem. “One of the things I think we’ve looked at over the course of the season is what a really difficult position Katrina’s been in,” he says, going on to talk about how “this season is really about family, redemption and…

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3 thoughts on “The Big Sleep: Sleepy Hollow’s Least Shocking Death

  1. Yes! And don’t even get me started on why they suddenly feel the need to reduce one of their best characters (Jenny!!!) for that stupid Hawley dude! Ughhh!!!

  2. Well that’s super lame. I haven’t had a chance to keep up with this season of the show since I’ve been so busy, but ugh. This reminds me of Heroes, which started off as racially diverse but kept killing off minority characters left and right for the hell of it. Let’s not even get started on their treatment of women characters.

    Anyway, that is disappointing to hear about Sleepy Hollow. Should I even bother with the second season? Killing of the black guy so that the white guy can finally be motivated to do his damn job is such a cliche.

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