Terms for Female Sexual Arousal


So, I was wasting time over at Tumblr as I’m wont to do, and came across a post about female sexuality. The OP decried the fact that we’ve got tons of colloquial expressions for male arousal, but few if any for the same in females. Indeed, there’s not a word even for the fluid that accumulates in the vagina during female arousal. I was like, oh that can’t be true. I’ve been writing romances for twelve years and reading them for nearly forty. Surely I’ve come across a word for this, and I literally could think of none. Someone mentioned “morning dew” which is similar to the male phrase “morning wood,” but that was about it.

It goes without saying that this is driving me crazy. We can’t own our own sexuality if we don’t even have words for it!

Now I know I’ve got the best readers in the world following my blog, not to mention I’m friends with the most amazing word masters in the English language. So here’s the deal; if you’ve come across good female arousal terms, NOT disgusting ones, like “panty snot” (don’t EVEN ask) post them here.

10 thoughts on “Terms for Female Sexual Arousal

  1. Girl, first of all getting people (women) to admit they are aroused without feeling embarassed or ashamed (or worse yet attracting some creepy guy that you don’t want no penis from). LOL.

  2. In the movie “The World’s End” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1213663/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1) one (male) character mentions a woman having a “wide-on” for one of the other (male) characters–I guess the equivalent of a hard-on? Couldn’t believe my ears at first. No opinion on whether that’s gross, but agreed that it’s a shame we don’t have regularly used vernacular terms for the signs of female arousal (emotional or physical).

  3. I’ve been known to use “juice” and “essence.” I like “essence”, not because it’s flowery. The word describes something that goes beyond sex. She’s giving up her soul, her being.

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