Help Me Find This Bookcase


I love this bookcase like damn and whoa. It’s perfect for Luke’s room. Problem is, I can’t find the darned thing, or even anything similar. His room is really tiny and the bookcase with drawers would be perfect beside his bed. And he really, really needs drawers beside his bed. Otherwise I find Legos and other teeny tiny toys IN his bed. Have you seen anything similar? I don’t care about the color as I can always paint it. Apparently the original is some custom interior design deal that probably cost more than my house. I’ve thought about making them, but I’m not good enough to build drawers, so I need to find something like it. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Help Me Find This Bookcase

  1. Roslyn Target has this and you can add drawers or baskets

    Also check your thrift stores or see if FB has a local yardsale group in your area. Craigslist if you are ok with that.
    I just found a bedside table(and it’s big enough to be a chest of drawers) and a bigger chest of drawers for cheap on FB $30


    Wooden Crates

    Storage cubes|All|matchallpartial|all+categories&lnk=snav_sbox_bins#navigation=true&searchTerm=bins&sortBy=relevance&facetedValue=5zja2&&Nao=0&viewType=medium&category=0|All|matchallpartial|all%20categories

    The dollar stores may even have some

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