Three Out of Four Ebola Deaths are Black Women


As the primary caregivers during this epidemic women are more likely to be exposed to this disease. Gina McCauley of What About Our Daughters has started a fundraiser with Africare to purchase protective gear for those women. Imma need all y’all to do me a solid and help out our sisters in this time of crisis. Please give what you can, and thanks ever so much.

According to their site, a $25 donation will buy 200 exam gloves, $50 can purchase 5 isolation gowns, $100 purchases a complete set of personal protective equipment including a body suit, goggles, gloves and shoe/boot covers, $250 purchases 10 pairs of rubber boots and $500 purchases 5 cases of face masks and 10 boxes of sterile syringes and needles.

This is a post on Gina’s page directly from Africare explains in detail what an “unrestricted” donation means.

We completely understand that an unrestricted donation can feel, at times, like a bit of a risk for an individual. Currently, all unrestricted money raised is being directed to Ebola. What does that mean? It might mean direct cash contributions to families who have lost loved ones, and thus lost income which sustained an entire family. It might mean paying for gas for our staff in Liberia to deliver personal protective gear to healthcare workers in more remote locations. It might include equiping microphones and sound systems to trucks to blast messages to communities about ebola, educating them on methods of contraction and prevention. It might include working with local organizations to trace individuals who have come in contact with disease. As What About Our Daughters notes, unrestricted money allows our Liberian staff in Liberia to direct the funds to where the need is the greatest. We are audited every year, and 92 cents to every dollar, including unrestricted money, is allocated to projects. Please do check out our ebola page —, but also, our president’s message on how money is allocated The rate has decreased slightly due to the cost of doing business, however, the premise is the same. Please feel free to contact us on twitter with any other questions! @africare

If you want your money to go only to Ebola specific items, please use this link and indicate you heard about it from Gina’s page where indicated.

7 thoughts on “Three Out of Four Ebola Deaths are Black Women

  1. Is the money really going to the purchase of these items?. I’ve become quite cynical about spending my hard earned money to huge organisations who benefit more than the people they supposedly want to help, what with having to line the many African politicians eg being a major hindrance, I know, to their just cause. So forgive me for not wanting to donate. I will though, forward the link to my circle of family, friends and work colleagues.

  2. I understand your concern foosrock. Gina is an old pro at this and has vetted this charity. Only 8% of their donations go to administrative costs which is a very good rate for an NGO. The champions page which is the one Gina is on is not Ebola specific, but I’m also posting a link for Ebola specific donations as well. If you only want your money to go for specific items, you can give there. Just be sure to indicate that you heard about it from Gina’s page when asked.

  3. Unfortunately, the major cause of senseless ebola deaths right now and female fatalities is the predominance of superstitious religious notions and behaviours. Until us females are all free from patriarchal religions and superstitions, females will continue to be on the losing end of all battles. Kill the patriarchy and deaths by overpopulation diseases will trickle to near nothing.

  4. Well that’s all well and good, and I’m as opposed to the patriarchy as anyone, but right now ebola is killing people, primarily women. If we have to wait until the patriarchy is gone before we work to assist these women theymight all be dead.

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