But What Does It Mean?

Let’s Do It Again is rapidly becoming one of my most popular books of all time. I can’t thank y’all enough. I’ve always loved that story and am thrilled that you love it too. I think it means that y’all really like stories with older characters. The hubbie, of course, thinks it’s the sexy new cover. Brunch and a lovely bloody mary is riding on this one…is it the grown folk or the sex?


4 thoughts on “But What Does It Mean?

  1. Of course I love romances where the characters are closer to my age. Why do people think only young(er) characters deserved to be written about in such a format?. There are many of us who are divorce, still single, children and looking. Not surprised this book is so popular and doing so well. Happy to say I was a contributor to that ;-()……cheers!

  2. It was definitely the characters. However, when I brought the book, it was a different cover, but if I saw this cover, I would give it a 2nd and third look. The sex wasn’t too bad either. Because of the story line and the characters it is still by for my favorite book of yours.

  3. I am a sucker for reunion story. Lovers finding their way back to one another. What is this category called with folks over 40 finding romance? I know new romance is a huge category these days. 19-24 is the age for those characters. Most of the romances I have read the women are 25-34. And again I am reading great stories about women younger than me. So it’s always great to read stories of women my age or older.

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