A Review from the Lovely Tricia Warren

I know I tell y’all all the time how much I love hearing feedback from you. Finishing Superstar was especially difficult. I returned to work full time in March (yay me!), and with my new obligations I literally was down to writing in five minute increments on my iPad! (Don’t do this, it’s a real pain.) I love this story so much, and have been waiting to tell it forever. Sioux is one of my really flawed characters, but she speaks to me on a level I haven’t experienced in a while. Thad has been my baby forever, I love the geek guys so much. To see that you guys enjoy my books and get what I’m trying to do is like manna from Heaven for me. Love y’all so much, and plan to write as long you guys will read it.

So Sunday I get one of my favorite emails ever. I hurry to Amazon and get my copy of superstar. Frantically I read to the point my tablet stops charging, but I’m so entranced I keep reading on my phone. Finish the story and damnit if I don’t love Thad as much as I do Bryan & Harley. I love this story & enjoyed rooting for Sioux to win get battle. It is nice to root for the flawed heroine who is working hard to stay on track. Thank you for finishing it for us. I gotta say I do love Storm Crow.

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