Not Sure Why Y’all Aren’t Buying This Book


Fangs For The Fantasy

To be honest, I’m confused. When I first heard about plans for this book I thought it would be a shoo-in. I’ve heard fans complain repeatedly about the lack of multicultural urban fantasy, and this one is deep and rich and characterization. The world building is particularly stellar and now there’s proof. Check out this review from a fantasy review site.

One thought on “Not Sure Why Y’all Aren’t Buying This Book

  1. Good question, Ros. I’ve seen some readers saying they want different things in IR, etc, but continue to support the same types of books. It’s like anything that strays from the norm in IR has a hard time capturing readership. I know authors who try to bring something different to IR yet they can’t get sales. This is why I say writers have to just be true to themselves. You can’t please everyone so it’s best to please yourself and write what you enjoy. I say whoever supports you will follow. I’m gonna check this book out!

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