Believe it Or Not I’ve Got Even More New Awesome!!!


I know. I know. I don’t have anything for months, then it all comes at once, but isn’t this the most fabulous cover EVAH!?! It was inspired by the awesome than is the cover for Sharon Cullars’s first, book, Again. And seriously, if you haven’t read that, well just damn.


What do y’all think of my sweet, honey child? It’s already up at ARe and Smashwords. It’ll be a while longer before it’s available at B&N and Amazon. But remember you can get mobi and epub files at ARe and Smashwords if you can’t wait. Jacinto, the hero is Vietnamese, for those of you who’ve been longing for more Asian heroes. ETA: Now up at Amazon! Here’s the blurb.

For those of you who enjoyed Buttercream, here’s another delicious story about the “flower children” of the Blakemore clan.

When a massive land development deal brings together high-powered dealmaker Cypher Lawrence and latter day hippie goat herder Jacinto Blakemore the last thing either expects is an explosive attraction that leaves them desperate for more. Cypher has been assigned to broker a contract with Jacinto for the sale of his farm. Despite his laid-back demeanor Jacinto has a will of iron and is determined to hold on to his land against Cypher’s corporation.

Business considerations take a back seat as they discover a love that transcends their differences, and Jacinto’s beloved moonlit prairie is just the balm Cypher’s overextended spirit needs. They fall into a serendipitous relationship, but when corporate intrigue threatens to tear them apart there might not be enough similarities and trust to sustain their love.

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