Rock Star Trading Cards




Just got back from the Beautiful Trouble convention right here in Atlanta. Had such a good time I’m ready to buy my ticket for Austin right now! Folks who attended the con got first gander at my lovely new trading cards. Of course you can download the card right here, but I will mail the card to the next lucky ten people who post in this thread. This includes international (as long as it’s less than $10!). So post away and tell me which of my books is your fave and why.

18 thoughts on “Rock Star Trading Cards

  1. My fav is Rock Star…I loved how sweet Bryan was and my heat melted when he sang to Callie!

  2. I love the book Rock Star. A favorite of mine for some time. The binding is so bent from reading it many times. I love Bryan and Callie. You have 2 new fans because of that book. I love your writing style! Thank You.

  3. My favorite is Let’s Do It again– I think for me because they’re older couple– they’ve lived a little.

  4. Hi Roslyn, No offense but I am REALLY tired of waiting for another Rock Star NOVEL. I don’t want a trading card, I don’t want a novella, I want a book with at least 300 pages on Bryan and Callie only. Well that’s not fair but, you really are the only one who can satisfy the craving ( you started) we have for these characters. PLEASE!!!!!

  5. I agree with Cassandra, you whetted our love for romance with these two so now we waiting for more. My Favs are Rock Star and Morning Star.

  6. Rock Star is how I “met” you (as an author, ie) and frankly that’s your signature that you have yet to live up to. Mind, I’ve loved all your other books. Just, I’m an HUGE grunge fan and that yoû’ve based Ryan on Layne Staley(am I correct?) is simply the ULTIMATE. I listen to one of my favourites(Would) of AIC frequently and guess whose characters come to mind?. That, one of my favourite authors of the I/R genre, means you did your job!. So naturally, I want more…..

    Agree with Cassandra and Carolyn: I would be chuffed if you penned Rock Star !!!.

  7. You know what ladies, I’m sure you mean to be flattering, but the truth of the matter is, these type comments make me want to hang up my keyboard for good. Essentially you’re saying that the dozen or so books I’ve written since Rock Star are pretty much worthless. The thing about it is, I couldn’t write Rock Star II if I tried. I wrote that book in 2002 a few months after my mama died. That was two children and four miscarriages ago. I’m not that person anymore and you’re bound to be disappointed. Bryan and Callie aren’t the same people either, as I’m seeing as I work on Superstar. Bryan in particular has evolved and Callie is an edgier person as well. I do plan to do another book about them, but like I said, you guys may well not like it AT ALL. I’m pretty sure it won’t be a 300 page novel. Initially it was a Christmas novella exploring more of Bryan’s past.

  8. Sorry for making you feel bad. So sorry for your losses. Sorry for LOVING your writing? So NOT!!! I really liked your other books. You are a good writer, one that we want sequels from. Do you realize Roslyn, how much garbage we have to sift through to find the few gems that we can say hey, that was a good book? Flattery got me nowhere but you are a gifted writer and critics have ruined the idea that writers can just write and not worry about what people say. I also think you should know that there isn’t another book out there that is like the character development you have in that book. I am a late fan 2012. I give up but, you should know!!!!!

  9. Thank you so much Cassandra, and I promise you, there will be a Rock Star sequel, with Callie and Bryan as the main focus. I can’t promise you a 300 page novel, but there will be one. I’ve been working on development of it and it probably won’t be out until late winter, but it will happen. I promise. Again, thank you so much.

  10. Dear Roslyn,
    I am so happy!!! Wherever you take Callie and company I will be there purchasing!!! Thank YOU.

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