So, I’m knee deep in my next book, Superstar. You got a brief look at my heroine, Sioux Dupree in Dark Star. She was a famous pop star, part of the blockbusting girl group, Honeychile. Until she crashed and burned spectacularly at the ripe old age of twenty. She was strung out on a multitude of narcotics. Now she wants a comeback in the worst way.

Sioux appeals to me in the same way Lola did in Try a Little Tenderness. She is definitely damaged, but redeemable with the love of a good man. Thad Barclay wants to be that man, unfortunately Sioux is not convinced that she’s worthy of that love or that she won’t ultimately be the cause of his destruction. I hope to have this book out at the end of the summer. This will probably be my last StormCrow story. The book after Superstar is Love Me Some Him. I also have Drawing the Stud, which is my first project with Ellora’s Cave.

2 thoughts on “Superstar

  1. I’ve been on a self imposed social media freeze so I’m a bit behind in my reading. I am happy to hear that Thad is gonna get a story. I love flawed heroes and heroines also. You’ve done such a great job showing them and how those around them love them so deeply. I cannot wait to read this story as well.

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