Marriage Equality and the Civil Rights Movement

Yesterday someone said that comparing marriage equality to the Civil Rights Movement demeans and lessens it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Civil Rights Movement, like all human rights movements, was always universal. Twenty years ago when I heard those Chinese students singing “We Shall Overcome” in Tianamen Square i was proud that my ancestors created a movement that resonated so strongly that these young people, born a generation later on the other side of the world felt its impact. The Civil Rights Movement, much as Lincoln said about Gettysburg, has already been consecrated; in blood. It cannot be demeaned or belittled unless, in a misguided attempt to honor it, we stand idly by while oppression continues. The oppression of one is the oppression of us all.


One thought on “Marriage Equality and the Civil Rights Movement

  1. Why are we still discussing this??!! There should be no further talks if we preach equality in this Nation then that should apply to ALL as long as no person or animal is being harmed then hell lets do it!! America is suppose to be a Democrocy and we’ve even declared war on other Nations based on that and we can’t do something simple like have marriage equality for all couples…get it together America this is staring to be as embarrassing as it is annoying!!

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