Free Lesson #22: Mind Your Wingman

I’m hearing too many tragic tales about young women these days and it’s making my heart and soul just weep. The basic story is a young woman goes out with friends, has a little too much to drink and winds up hurt, or missing or dead. The latest one is a young woman in New Orleans by the name of Terrilyn Monette. Apparently she had too much to drink at a bar one night and went out to sleep it off in her car. Unfortunately, she’s never been heard from again. I’m sorry, but this story is just saturated in WTF!? She was drinking with FRIENDS and they let her go off ALONE at 4:00 a.m. to sleep it off  in a car. Are you kidding me? Are these friends are extras from Game of Thrones? As someone who has had far too much experience with all night bar crawls and being far more intoxicated than I should’ve been I can firmly say that the only reason I’m here typing this lesson today is because of my girlfriends. If Monette was so drunk the bartender had to cut her off, she was far too wasted to make ANY decisions about her safety. You don’t let your drunk friend go wandering off ANYWHERE by herself!  And if your friends would do such a thing, get some new friends! Don’t get me wrong. No one should be drinking to the point that they can’t get home under their own power. And we also know that it is a common occurrence. If you know you like to imbibe, have a plan in place to ensure your safety.

And I know you all are savvy enough to know not to take your liquor from anyone’s hand but the bartender’s, and never leave your drink on the table. One young lady I know almost died after someone slipped her a roofie. Her core body temperature went up to over 108 degrees. Were it not for fast medical intervention she would be deader than hell today. If your friend seems overly intoxicated after only a drink or two, get her to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. Some of these drugs out there today will not only incapacitate you, they can kill you. Remember, people are mixing this stuff up at home and in other unsupervised labs all over the world. Predators will slip it to you and then wait until you’re alone to drag you off somewhere. Yep, just like a lion isolating a wounded zebra. There is safety in numbers ladies. Don’t let some sicko get his hands on your friend that way.

I said much the same thing when Natalee Holloway disappeared. Her girlfriends let her leave a bar with three dudes she didn’t know. Seriously? I have actually almost come to blows with a guy who was trying to take my girl out of club when she’d had too much to drink. He said I was cockblocking. Ya think!? If my friend was sober and wanted to do something like that, I would have tried to talk her out of it, but that would be her business. But drunk? No way was that going to happen. In Holloway’s case they had chaperones there with them. Possibly the threat of calling one would have been enough to keep her from doing such a foolhardy thing. If your friend is drunk, insist on driving them home. If you too are drunk call a taxi. If a taxi is too expensive a friend or relative will do. If you can’t get her keys away, as a last resort call the cops. Yes, you can get a DUI even if you’re just sleeping behind the wheel of the car. Again, just the threat should be enough to deter someone, if not, follow through. Yes, the cost of a taxi will put a dent in your wallet, but better that than a MISSING poster.

Bottom line ladies, while you’re out having fun be careful out there. There are predators and only a fool goes swimming in a pool full of sharks wearing chum drawers. Make sure you have a GOOD wingman, and make sure YOU’RE a good wingman as well.

5 thoughts on “Free Lesson #22: Mind Your Wingman

  1. Thankfully, our drink threshold is lowering so we don’t get as wasted as we used to, but stuff like this used to give me nightmares!

  2. It’s difficult to understand today’s concept of friendship. Unfortunately, I don’t think many of today’s generation even know the definition of wingman. This story is unbearably sad — just like all the others.

  3. My rule when I went out with a friend is this (1) I always drive (2) you arrive with me, you leave with me, No ifs, ands or buts. (3) if some fool wants to get with you he can follow us to your house and pick you up from there because (4) you will be dropped off wherever it was I picked you up . That way I can always say “I took her home and she was alive and well the last time I saw her.”

  4. I was just talking about this with my mother this weekend. And I told her the same thing; what the hell kind of friend(s) would just leave her to sleep it off in her car alone, in the dark, in a parking lot, at that time of morning like that? Mean to tell me, they couldn’t all just shuffle her into a car with the rest of them and go to someone’s place, then come pick the car up in a few hours? Who was the DD? There was a serious lack of communication here between these friends here. My heart hurt for her mother when I saw her on the news just breaking down on camera.

  5. So lovely to see that Billy London appreciates you as well!.
    I’m the best wingwoman around. In fact I’m mother hen and bugger any male who doesn’t like it when the females I know are high on the sauce, just because they need it that time. Thing is though, it’s not reciprocated, which makes me tightly control my drinking when out.

    Sad news, this.

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