You Are Mine



I’ve been waiting forever for her to finish this story and trust me y’all are going to LOVE IT!!!

4 thoughts on “You Are Mine

  1. Purchased it. Not sure I’m loving all the background on the other characters, too distracting. But, Brian and Caroline, when Ms Riley brings them together are sooooooo yummy.

  2. Oh, and the cover just doesn’t do it for me…..sorry. Still didn’t stop me though from purchasing the ebook as I’m a fan of Lisa G Riley.

  3. I guess because I take the covers of my I/Rs just as seriously as the content, I want a reflection or somewhat reflection of the characters depicted and the guy on the cover just does not look like “Brian’s character”. He fulfills more the picture I envision of Brickman. Perhaps it’s because his face is cast in a shadow and he’s wearing clothes that come across as “gangster-ish”. Aaaaahhhh, hope I’m making sense……

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