ARe 12 Days Of Christmas: Dark Star FREE!!

Dark Star, the sequel to my best-seller Rock Star is free December 18-19th at ARe. They have all the formats for your various devices, so if you haven’t read this one yet be sure to check it out!


5 thoughts on “ARe 12 Days Of Christmas: Dark Star FREE!!

  1. Whee! Many thanks for the great Christmas gift! Roz, Happy Holidays to you and yours. I hope 2013 brings you a never tiring muse, great plots and publishing success!!!

  2. I’ve read all of your books (and I’m sure I’ve said this before). I really enjoyed the story of Nate and Tonya. I tell others that if they really want hot, steamy, love scenes they should check out your books. I’ve loaned a couple, then had to track down my friends to get them back. You are very well written and the images are vivid. One friend was reading the Grey series, then read yours and said she wasted her time reading that mess. Roslyn you are a truly gifted writer, Thank you. May God continue to bless you and yours through out you lives.

  3. Love it and you! Thanks so much for spinning such well written tales in a genre I love. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your gift of WELL WRITTEN interracial love. You are truly a diamond amongst pebbles. Keep doing what you do.

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