50 Multicultural Romances To Read Before You Die

I came across a bookmark yesterday, 50 Books to read Before You Die. I plan to buy a couple of the books off the list as stocking stuffers for Whit. I wondered if anyone had compiled such a list for Multicultural Romance. It’s been around for a while now. Do we have classics in the genre and what woukd they be? This includes romance whereas at least one of the characters is nonwhite. And yes before some idiot chimes in I know white people have different cultures, but this isn’t about them, okay?

19 thoughts on “50 Multicultural Romances To Read Before You Die

  1. Black people come from different cultures too,not everyone is africa american; we are in every island and latin(and non spanish speaking) country in continent.

  2. @Blacklatina you’ll note nowhere in my post did I say African American. I have at least one book with a non AA heroine. Just for the record I have several advanced degrees in various Social Sciences, I know quite a bit about ethnicity and culture. I have fans from all over the world who are non-AA and black.

  3. I need you to post this on my tumblr blog. I’m going to post it myself, but I would love sumbissions from you.

  4. I just have a few off the top of my head that I can read 1000x and more would be Color of Love by Sandra Kitt, Unfinished Business by Karen Langhorne, Rock Star by Roz, and Crush by Crystal Hubbard,

  5. “Old School” – solid writing, plot, editing and understated love scenes: The Color of Love & Close Encounters by Sandra Kitt, Once in a Blue Moon by Dorianne Cole, The Real Deal by Margaret Johnson Hodge, No Committment Required by Seressia Glass and Unfinished Business by Karyn Langhorne. Contemporary– solid writing, plot, editing and more explicit sex: At Last and Caught in the Rapture by Lisa G. Riley, Rock Star by Roz, short story -Best Left Unsaid by Janice Sims in the anthology “Sister, Sister”. Romantica: Pussycat Death Squad, Fascination Street by Bridget Midway, Trolling Nights by Savannah Frierson. Mystery: Judith Levin Smith “Starletta Duvall series” and Stephen J. Cannell’s Riding the Snake.

  6. People have already mentioned some that I would have suggested, so I will add: Indigo and/or Topaz by Beverly Jenkins, any one of the Madaris stories by Brenda Jackson

  7. I would love to see such a list. I’ve read Roz’s Pussycat Death Squad over and over and over and over again. It’s really one of my best if not the best. There’s only one other book that I really enjoyed but for some reason I always forget the name, it’s historical, about a chef. I like it so much yet I can’t recall much about it *facepalm*

  8. I’m thinking about setting this up as a Facebook page, and people can just post their faves. I guess at some point they could be compiled and voted on. I dunno. Anyone got any ideas? I see these lists all the time. Does anyone know how they’re produced?

  9. I would like to suggected some authors,

    Pepper Pace ( Crash, Beast, Wheels of steel, Juicy)
    Sharon Cullars ( Again, The Object of Love)
    Shiree McCarver ( The African Women Warriors series)
    Brenda Jackson ( Delaney’s Desert Sheikh)
    Theodora Taylor ( 50 States Loving states series)
    Dorothy Koomsom ( My Best Friend Girl, Good Night Beautiful)
    Kimberly Kaye Terry ( The Sweet Spot)
    Sienna Mynx ( Destino, Harmony)
    Rochelle Alers ( Hideway saga)
    L. A Banks ( Vamprie Huntress series)

  10. Favorite multicultural authors. Roslyn H Holcomb, Lisa G Riley, Seressia Glass, Aliyah Burke,Kei Swanson, Beverly Clark, Dyanne Davis, b a osahor,Nia K Foxx, Eve Vaughn , Sandra Kitt and so many others. I couldn’t pick a favorite because i reread everything I own depending on how I am feeling the day I pick up a book or the room I am in at the time I choose a book.

  11. I hope you include your own books on the list:)
    Other’s I have liked: The Good, The Bad, and the Naughty (Lena Matthews)
    Glutton for Pleasure (Alisha Rai)
    Surrender the Dark (L.A. Banks)

  12. I’ve read a few of the authors listed here. I also enjoy reading Tammy Williams- Blindsided, Choices, etc.. I’m not sure if she’s still writing, but I liked her stories. Of course, Roz, and Crystal Hubbard. I’m glad this came up because I’ve been trying to find more multicultural romance authors to read. I love having a variety.

  13. I would have to add to your lists Pepper Pace Juicy, Crash, & Beast. Love these books. True Love stories. Savannah J. Frierson – Being Plumville. Latrivia S. Nelson – The Grunt. Delilah Hunt – Worth the Price,

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