Facebook Notifications

For those of you who have liked my Facebook page, (and I assume that’s all of you, otherwise, WTF!?) you might have noticed that you haven’t been getting all my posts in your newsfeed. Well, Facebook in their finite wisdom decided to cut some people off, presumably to encourage advertising revenue. Now if you want to know when I make a post on my fan page you have to manually opt in. Fortunately it’s simple. Go to my page which is linked under the Facebook logo to your right. On the page click the like button and you’ll see a pull down menu. Click on Receive Notifications, and there you go. That way if I ever finish Goddess of Milan you’ll be the first to know. Oh, and if you haven’t liked my page yet, for the love of buttercream frosting get on it, wilya? I’m feeling unloved and y’all know nothing good ever comes from that!

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