New Sofa!

Remember I told y’all I was getting my sofa redone? I’ve been putting it of forever, but finally I did it, and they did a TREMENDOUS job. I was very fortunate that one of Whit’s co-workers told us about this no name fabric store off I85. Can you believe this fabric was only $6.99 a yard!? The upholstery job was spendy, they had to make new cushions and repair a lot of springs, but as I reminded my husband the couch itself was free and very high end. It’s fifty years old and this type of craftsmanship would easily cost $5k today. We spent $130 on fabric and about $750 on the work. That included pick up, delivery, repairs and Scotchguarding. (Yeah I know a can of Scotchguard doesn’t cost much, but I didn’t want to spray it in my house.) if you need upholstery work I highly recommend New Century Upholstery in Chamblee.


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