Goddess of Milan Cover!!!

I’m so excited about this cover that I just couldn’t wait to show you guys. Whit actually finished it on Sunday, but he wouldn’t let me show y’all yet. Something about her thumb wasn’t right. *le sigh* But it never pays to argue with the talent, so I jusr smiled and did my “Yes, dear,” Stepford Wife style. God willing this book will be out the first week of October. Meanwhile, just enjoy the pretty.


3 thoughts on “Goddess of Milan Cover!!!

  1. I like. I like my e-reader– but I also miss when i lay down an actual book, not seeing the covers. When i don’t have something to read, i can re-read an old book. i pursue my actual books and its the covers that pull my attention. Does that make sense at all? Any way I like the cover and your books. I’ll be ordering this one when relased. Maybe get the actual book just becasue i like the cover so much. Ya’ll make a great team!!!

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