Decorating Again


So Whit and I just bought a new bed, and we love it! It’s the first large piece of furniture we ever bought new. When we were searching, we saw this bed


And we really liked to two tall pedestal nightstands, but we wanted a padded headboard, so we passed. I was convinced we could find or make something similar. So checking out my fave site in the world, Ikea Hackers, I came across these


We plan to take out the two middle drawers to make a shelf. We will still have the two lower drawers for all our stuff. Better yet, the top opens. I’ll put a power strip in there for all our chargeable stuff! Too cool for school. They’re only $179 each! I keep telling y’all, don’t sleep on Ikea. And Ikea Hackers? Bliss!

This room will be too beautiful when I finish. We’ll have a wall of pale blue pinch-pleated drapes. ($40 a pair at JCP). And the walls will be fern green. Can’t wait to post pics!

7 thoughts on “Decorating Again

  1. I love the bed! I love the lighting in your bedroom; I especially love those hardwood floors. Very nice

  2. Wait…lol…that is your room, right? I just had a thought that it might be a product picture! By the way, that’s my comment (anonymous) at top as well.

  3. My rooms have carpet as well. I’m so over carpet already! Great idea, but the upkeep is more trouble than its worth. I’ve been coming back around to the idea of hardwood for the last few years now.

  4. Hardwood is just easier, especially around here where we have so much pollen. It gets trapped in carpet and with my allergies. I want it in the kitchen, too. We have vinyl in there, but we need an upgrade. Tile is out of the question. I spend too much time on my feet cooking and tile is hard on my back.

  5. You bedroom is gorgeous Roslyn. Love it.
    I am about to start remodelling mine and the bed frame I have in mind is similar to yours 🙂
    Re. carpet, I just spent the past week ripping out that stinky old fabric and I am laying hardwood. Well worth the hard work.

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