Kell is Walking!!

As you guys know, Kell has hypotonia which has delayed the development of his gross motor skills quite a bit. When we started physical therapy four months ago he had just started the low crawl. He couldn’t lift his torso. He wasn’t pulling up at all. Now he’s walking!!! *insert Snoopy dance* I’m so grateful, both to God and his physical therapist. My little dude isn’t even two yet and has already gone through hypotonia and torticullis. He’s a tough little nut.

6 thoughts on “Kell is Walking!!

  1. My son started walking at 23 months… Same thing with the hypotonia and the developmental delays. It is so wonderful when they finally walk, you begin to wonder if they ever will!

  2. V.,My son was diagnosed with hypotonia around 15 months. However, he had other symptoms going on…not talking, not walking yet, strabismus (eyes crossing) etc… We started therapy services right away in our early intervention program. However, our son continued to regress. For us, after several tests it turned out to be an extremely rare genetic disorder. A progressive neurologial disease. I’m not telling you this to scare you but rather for you not to take this lightly. You didn’t mention if you had started therapy services for your child. Also, you didn’t mention if he/she had met her milestones on time…Is he/she crawling, babbling etc? It sounds like if you are having to research hypotonia that your doctor hasn’t given you much information. Perhaps it is very slight hypotonia and she is doing well otherwise and that is why. Sometimes children are a little hypotonic and they develop completely normally, however other times it can be an indication of something else going on neurological. Whatever the case, as far as feeling you have to explain to other moms your child’s condition…I think you should not feel obligated nor feel ashamed if you want to share. I was in a similar situation with my son. I was in a music play group and it was apparent that my son was losing muscle control and having trouble sitting up etc…I told everyone my concerns and it actually made me feel better because then I didn’t feel like people may be commenting behind my back. Also, it gave me support and many people started praying for my son for healing. My son is a special child. He’s a fighter and my hero. He’s blessed me and others in ways I can’t even explain.

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