Free: Men Aren’t Stupid.

I’ve compiled some of your favorite Free Lessons into a primer called Men Aren’t Stupid. And Nine Other Free Lessons That Will Change Your Life! It’s free right now at Smashwords. Please check it out and tell your friends and thank you so much.

Men Aren’t Stupid. And Nine Other Free Lessons That Will Change Your Life!

5 thoughts on “Free: Men Aren’t Stupid.

  1. I am reading this tonight. I never wanted to get married but I have young friends who do. I have read some of this book and you know something, YOU ARE RIGHT. Not only about marriage, but having a relationship. Sure, sometimes stuff works, but most time it doesn’t. And that’s what women have to get. And look, if you want marriage or a committed relationship, why be with a man who wants neither?

  2. ETA, I read it last night. Brilliant. This reminds me of a tape I heard in 1989; the man was saying most of the things you were saying, especially the part about not sharing your story until you’re in a serious relationship.

    You know, I know a woman who married a man who had everything wrong with him. He lied to her about being married, about how many children he had. She did not kick him to the curb, which baffled me. Years later I asked her why did she take up with him in the first place, he’s nice but not as educated as she and not as well off. She told me that because of her health issues she would not be able to contribute if she married a man who had a good career, meaning she wouldn’t be able to work very hard and did not want to. She said that not only could she not contribute, but she couldn’t give a man a child if he wanted one. Do you think that makes sense? For some reason, I never thought it made sense, I mean just because you have health problems doesn’t mean you can’t contribute in other ways.

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