The Swirl Awards!

This is so exciting I’m almost giddy, finally we lovers of multicultural and interracial romance have a contest just for us! If you’re the author of an interracial and/or multicultural book published last year you can enter. Readers you can nominate your favorite cover, and either of you can be a judge! Come on y’all, time to roll your sleeves up and do all we can to promote the genre and have a lot if fun. Trash talking is optional.

4 thoughts on “The Swirl Awards!

  1. As a reader of interracial/ multicultural genre I’m on cloud nine about this! I would like to check out becoming a judge.

  2. Thanks for the plug! Authors can only nominate their own books. Readers can nominate Best Book Covers and Series.

    A.W. Yes, we need judges! Just email us at the swirl net (minus the spaces).

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