Thanks to All My Fans

Thanks to sll of you my foray into self publishing is a rip roaring success! I really like self oublishing, it can be a but intimidating at first, but I had lot’s of support from other authors who helped me so much. Y’all will never know how grateful I am for your incredible support. In the coming months I have more surprises including trading cards and more contests. Remember, Hot For Teacher will be released at the end of this month. I should have a cover, a blurb and maybe some excerpts coming up soon. This book is a sexy little romp, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

I really need some help from you guys. If you could, pretty please go over to Amazon and like my books. It can really help boost my sales. Again, thank you ever so much for your support. I love each of you to death.

One thought on “Thanks to All My Fans

  1. Congratulations!. In my opinion, this success is due to your incredible writing skills.

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