The Great Hairline Tragedy

I’ve had to resign myself to the fact that my hairline isn’t coming back. Seriously, every time I look in the mirror I want to kick Rick Santorum square in the balls. NOBODY should have to go through this unless they want to. (In the interest of full disclosure I have to acknowledge that I want to kick that man on general principle, this just adds fuel to the fire.) I’ve been massaging my temples with coconut oil and rosemary, sometimes Whit does it for me. It feels great and I think the shedding has stopped, but I don’t see any new growth. I just added biotin to my supplement routine, any other ideas? I’ve been coloring every six weeks. I know it’s not good for it, but the gray is so bloody depressing I can’t bear it. The rest of my hair is growing like a weed, but my hairline is still tragically thin and fragile. I’ve never in my life had problems growing hair, and don’t really care if I never get my length back, but male pattern baldness is not cute on a woman! Has anyone tried those “temple balm” products? The reviews are pretty sketchy, but I’ll give it a shot with a recommend.

6 thoughts on “The Great Hairline Tragedy

  1. How about Jamaican black castor oil?. I’ve been using it for my hairline since almost 2mths and do see results. I recommended to another colleague who’s African and she broke out in a rash around her neckline, but so far, I haven’t reacted but positively to it…….

  2. Hey Roslyn, I feel your pain. I was going to suggest the same thing as foosrock. Jamaican black caster oil. I ordered mine from Amazon just to try out. I even put it on my eyelashes, and they are now visible.

    A few years back I was diagnosed with Telogen Effluvium. Which pretty much means, that every other month my hair sheds excessively. At first I thought I was going bald. I had everything checked, and finally the second and last dermatologist I saw told me about this. I was so happy to have a diagnoses, but thought now how do I stop the shedding.
    To make a long story short, I only found out about Jamaican Black caster oil, this year. I believe it has helped with the shedding quite a bit. I also purchased a liquid vitamin called, Nzuri Elixir. It’s a liquid hair vitamin. I’ve only been taking that for about a month.

    Check them out. I hope & pray they help!!!
    I truly know how you feel, and I can’t wait to get my head of hair back. I will not stop trying!!


  3. Hi Roz, I’d like to recommend Natural and Free Aroma products. There a natural hair/essential hair product made by a black woman in Gary, IN. I have used her hair oil drops and scalp stimulator regimen for about 6 months and have seen definite improvement. I think her prices are very reasonable. Here is the link to her website: Scroll to mid page for her product line.

    One more recommendation is Nuele Hair oil. This product didn’t work as well for me but I have heard others rave about the results they’ve received.


  4. The thing that helped for me was to keep my hairline braided for weeks at a time. I’d keep my hairline braided in a circular pattern underneath a weaving net for weeks and maybe 4 times a week I’d just pour in leave in conditioner. That grew out my hairline/edges very well. I hope that helps!

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