Virgin Heroes

I’m piggy-backing this off a thread on Karen Scott’s blog. I like virgin heroes. I like them a lot. I don’t care for the “rake,” reformed or otherwise. I stopped reading regencies because they are so unrealistic in this regard. Dudes would’ve been eaten up with STDs. Syphilis, in particular, was far more virulent back in the day. Your body parts would literally fall off. (Yeah, I’m a disease and history geek, which you would know if you read Try a Little Tenderness. Koss is only a virus hunter because I’ve read so many books on the subject I figured I might as well put the research to good use.)

If you’ve read Try a Little Tenderness, and seriously, if you haven’t, well, I’m hurt. IMO, it’s probably one of my best books, at least that’s what Crystal Hubbard says, and she’s like a writing jedi master, so there! Anyway, if you’ve read the book, you know that Koss, the hero, is one sexy geek virgin. Socially awkward, he started college early. None of the college girls would date someone so young, and now he’s a professor and his students are his age, but off limits. Koss is probably my favorite hero. Twist, one of the heroes of Rock Star Weddings, is also a virgin. He lied about his age and joined the band young. The groupies scared the all living hell out of him, so Naysa, the heroine, is his only lover.

How about you? How do you feel about virgin heroes? Have you read a lot of them? Diana Palmer, who used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, does a lot of male virgins. I understand the hero of Outlander is also a virgin, but, and I know I’ll be flayed for this, I’ve never read the book. In my defense, it seems that I always hate the books others love. People rave so much about Son of the Morning that I finally read it despite my misgivings about time travel books. Plus Lisa and I are working on a project that involves time travel. I wanted to see how a master storyteller like Linda Howard handled it. I hated it! Not the time travel aspect. That was fine. No, it was the rest if the book I loathed. For one thing, there was no romance. For another she went back to fourteenth century Scotland, to live! While pregnant! Are you kidding me? Less than twenty five years before the Black Death?! How many different ways can you say, hell no? I still haven’t read Lord of Scoundrels for the same reason.

Sorry, I digress. Back to virgin heroes. I think I like turning the usual trope on its head. I really like pairing my virgins with a sexually experienced woman, but I imagine it would fun to have two virgins figuring out love together. Would you like to see more virgin heroes? Do you like them? Have you read many?

11 thoughts on “Virgin Heroes

  1. I had decided to give you a break from my comments, so I hadn’t done this in awhile. But I could not let this one pass. I hate virgin heros. And to read about two virgin people fumbling around would be too much for me. So have at it I would just not buy that one. Were you able to correct the errors in Dark Star?

  2. I like virgin heroes as well, it was a pleasant surprise to me when I learnt that Koss was a virgin in Try a Little Tenderness. I prefer when virgin heroes are paired with sexually experienced women though I wouldn’t mind reading a book with two virgins just haven’t come across it. I’ve read two or three books with virgin heroes, and I want more!

  3. I’m reading over at the Chamber two stories of the heroes being virgin and boy are they beautifully written. I never thought this would/could be possible, as men are little bow wows, no?. We DO expect them to bring the experience, but I must admit that it turned me on immensely that these two heroines had the experience, and “taught” their lovers what to do. As for virgin females, I can relate as, if I hadn’t met my ex, I probably would have ended up being a virgin till now, as I saw what my mum, and sister-in-laws went through and couldn’t imagine putting up with the male species. Luckily, I simply got lucky!.
    So, it’s possible, older virgins and of course it depends on how the author introduces her virginity into the premise, because if we as readers get a wiff of any “holier than thou” attitude, I know I’d be turned off.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!. Koss was a virgin????????. Where in blazes did I miss that??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Off to re-read………… again………

  5. I emailed them to you the same night I rated it on amazon. Gave it five stars. But there were several errors . Until I can go back to pull up my notes I can’t give you exacts right now. But as soon as I find them I will let you know what they were. Still a good read even with the errors. Less action next time would be great, with more romance.

  6. That is so bizarre Carolyn. For some reason I didn’t get it. Thank you so much for your trouble. i’d appreciate if you can send it again.

    Sent from my iPad

  7. Thank you so much Carolyn. I don’t know why I didn’t receive your email, but if you’ll kindly send another one I’ll attend to it right away.

  8. These were the errors that I found, you had though it should have been thought, wil needs an l. Will. Material was spelled materiel. This word was written as grin,d. Also you had clearly stated that there was no cable or satellite on the island. But you had Nate watching a soccer game on tv.

  9. Thanks Carolyn. Materiel is the proper spelling when referring to supplies and such used by the military and operatives. With an antenna you can pik up local programming without cables or satellite. There are so many islands in the south pacific that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll definitely correct the typos. Thanks for the heads up.

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