Why I’m Not Going to Slam Jam

God willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be at the Romantic Times conference in April. Much as it pains mrpe to say this, I won’t be at Slam Jam. Why? Because they practice book bigotry. Yeah, I know the mainstream cons do as well. When was the last time a book with a blCk heroine won a Rita? Try never. But at least they have enough sense to not put it in writing. Amazing as some might find it, Slam Jam has disqualified any book that doesn’t have a black hero from winning an Emma. I’ve suspected for some time that there was some hostility toward those of us who write IR. This simply confirms it.

Now those of you who know me know I really don’t give a damn about awards, but this one seriously stings my butt. Which is why, as far as I’m concerned, Slam Jam can kiss it. And when are they going to get a real name? It sounds like a freaking basketball tournament.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Going to Slam Jam

  1. This has nothing to do with what you wrote. Just wanted to tell you I finished Dark Star, and enjoyed it immensely. I knew others thought the sex wasn’t as hot as usual but I loved the sex scenes. These two already knew each other, and what they liked. And it was like getting to know each other again; you have to take your time. I have authors that I just buy their books unconcern of what it’s about because I know I’m going to get a great story, I’m adding you to my list.

  2. You”re absolutely rght. It is bigotry and trifling. If a book is good overall. It should get the prize. I have judged the Emmas before and wondered why the white hero wasn’t nominated as best lead. If an interracial romance doesn’t stand a chance of winning why enter the book at all. It’s the same racism that African Americans have lived with for years. So, if the book is excellent and has two African American character’s, but the author is white. Would s/he not be considered? Fair is Fair and racism is ugly. I don’ t give damn who is doing the discriminating.

  3. See everyone feels pretty much the way I do. I wish I knew the author. I’d be interested to see what type feedback she got from that story. I’m gigling at the notion of even trying to pitch it to an editor. Of course, it came from Genesis. I’m pretty sure the concept would send a white editorvrunning into the night.

    It’s funny, Crystal Hubbard challenged me to write a male stripper hero, and the other day she finally conceded thatvitvcannot be done. One author had a male prostitute hero, but it was a historical and he was left at a bordello as a baby. Either of those themes seem easier.

    What if the hero was raised by racist parents, but saw the light once he got away from them?

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