Mother’s Jewelry

My mama always wanted a mother’s ring. I, of course, thought they were the most hideous things imaginable, but we bought her one. She adored it and wore it every day and was buried wearing it. Now, well, I kind of want some mom jewelry. I still don’t care for mother’s rings, though one with Luke and Kell’s birthstones–emeralds and diamonds, respectively would be pretty (and pricey). Some mom’s wear a necklace with a child’s name on it, but I would have to have two names, and I haven’t seen that. I also like the name charms on a necklace, maybe with some birthstone beads. And maybe with an extra stone or something for my angel babies. Do any of you have mom jewelry? Have you seen any that was particularly pretty? What do you think of it?

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Jewelry

  1. Its funny you post this because I’ve never really thought about it before, but my grandma has a beautiful emerald (her birthstone) and diamond ring she’s been wearing since forever that all her children got together on and gave. She NEVER takes it off and adores it. Guess that’s mom jewelry huh.

  2. Since my daughter’s birthstone is a diamond and it is mine too. I could come up with a nice design! lol

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