For Those Who Do It All For The Nook(ie)

(Sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that!) Dark Star is now available for the Nook! (Don’t worry Sony reader people, yours is coming. There’s a helluva learning curve to all this and I am darned near fifty with a newborn. Thank you so much for your patience.

Dark Star

4 thoughts on “For Those Who Do It All For The Nook(ie)

  1. I’m not updated with all these apparats, besides, according to BnN, they don’t ship NOOK outside the US. My question is: What about your fans across the pond?. I’m feeling very very left out here……..:(((

  2. I promise you, nobody will be left out. Everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY will be accommodated. This book will be at All Romance Ebooks, the Sony store and the iBook store very soon. I’m sorry that it won’t be released in print, at least not immediately, but if I sell enough copies that will be coming as well. I really appreciate your enthusiasm (and patience) as I work to make this book available to EVERYONE!

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