Review of Rock Star

I just came across a new (to me) IR review site, IR Book Reviews. Considering the way I’ve bitched about the lack of IR review sites I feel a little stupid for having missed this one. Check it out and give Theodora some love. Be sure to read the review she did of Rock Star.

5 thoughts on “Review of Rock Star

  1. Hey Ros… I’ve always wanted to write black female oriented book reviews based on various categories. I’m starting to finally gear towards this, but I think its serious business. Yup, it sure requires honesty, insightfulness, writing finesse and not to mention… a back bone. I say that because, how can one write honest and reliable book reviews with fear of possibly hurting the author’s feelings for even the slightest criticism. Oh lawd, a chicken shit reviewer like me should just write reviews on the books that they absolutely enjoyed through out. (Now how is that for non-bias reliability). But I think I can pull it off.

    And I saw below that you made a post regarding your seriousness about having an Asian male love interest. Yes! I can’t wait. I am shamelessly indulging myself in the BW/AM IRs at the moment.

    I grabbed a couple this week from my list (I swear these books are growing), but my previous and still absolute favs so far: The Alpha Promise and Gold Mountain.

  2. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated this post. The site is very new and done mostly because I got frustrated about not being able to find an IR book review site! I hope others find it, too.

    Please do a BWAM. It’s one of my favorite sub-genres but there are so few well-written books within it. Really frustrating.

    La, please start a review site. I’d love the company. Though, I do understand your trepidation. However, if you write the most thoughtful review you can — and by that I mean if you’re going to criticize, make it really specific and helpful — then you’ve done nothing wrong. When I’m reading others’ reviews, I get most frustrated when someones 1 or 2-stars an author for vague reasons like, “I just wasn’t feeling it” or “I think it had too much sex” or the worst, “I didn’t like her. She was too weak.” That tells the author absolutely nothing. It helps me to imagine that the author and I are in a critique group together and I’m offering her my most constructive feedback to her face. If I couldn’t say something to the author’s face, then I won’t say it in a review.

  3. I’m so excited to see some review sites come onboard and want to do everything I can to support them. La you’re a very thoughtful person and I think you’d make a great reviewer, but it is a lot of work. The most popular sites have posts every day, or nearly every day. And that’s a lot for one person. Maybe you can team up with a friend or two.

  4. IR Book Reviews is a joke. Looks like nothing but a way for a wanna to use other people’s readership to drive people to her site to sell HER book. I guess yo missed her self endorsement after ever review.

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