Monica Jackson is Back…

…with free reads. I don’t know how I missed this, but I’m so excited I’m nearly delirious. Monica’s always been one of my fave writers. She’s fabulous and witty and funny and generous and kind and courageous… (I could go on but it’ll start sounding like a girl crush which it is, like totally.) Anyway when I first started writing she was one of those who embraced me wholeheartedly, gave me leadership and direction and I appreciate it so much. She’s been off the radar for a minute and I missed her terribly and am so glad she’s back. She’s doing the indie thing now, so go on over to her blog and check out her books, I promise she won’t disappoint.

I don’t know who’s doing her covers these days (probably her, did I mention she’s über talented?), but I love this one.

2 thoughts on “Monica Jackson is Back…

  1. I googled Monica Jackson, one of the pictures that popped up was a nude photo of a Monica in playboy magazine. My husband was standing behind me he didn’t miss a beat, he said I can see why she’s sold so many books. LOL. I am hard press to convince him that’s not the author.

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