How Can I Get You to Write Reviews?

I’ve been wondering about this one for a while, so I’ll just put it out there in my usual manner and see who salutes. What does it take to get you to review a book? I think I understand that people have very little time and often simply don’t want to be bothered. That’s why I offer contests and such, but typically all I get is crickets. Would free books help? Maybe a form you could simply fill out? Or is it that people don’t know where to post reviews? I really need some feedback on this issue, because I’ve got a pretty good idea of what my sales are and my reviews on various sites don’t reflect those numbers AT ALL.

Reviews sell books, but I must admit that’s not my only motivation. I simply want to hear from readers. I get a bit confused when I read a book that’s gotten dozens of reviews and it turns out to be subpar. It makes me wonder how that book got so many reviews when mine don’t get many. What are those authors doing that I’m not doing. So, I’m asking you to tell me. What motivates you to write a review? Oh, and if there’s something else that you feel I should be doing or not doing you can let me know that too. Thanks for your feedback.

7 thoughts on “How Can I Get You to Write Reviews?

  1. To be honest with you, there are times when I have purchased books that everyone else has raved over with 5 stars. When I read the book, I couldn’t figure out why? They have really been poorly written with tons of typos,errors in general, not enough attention paid to details, from one chapter to another. Sentence structure so poor, a first grader would know better. I counted 32 errors in one particular authors book. And she charged 18.95 for that book. That taught me a lesson. I only buy now if I can get a sample or can read the first pages. Everyone else thought is was great. It could have been a great story, if not so many errors. So some times 5 stars can be misleading.

  2. So some times 5 stars can be misleading.

    Yeah, I had to learn that the hard way too. I think if I’d paid $18.95 for a book that was riddled with errors the author would’ve heard from me. Yikes!

  3. I wrote a review on amazon pertaining to that book with the 32 errors. I can only hope that she read it. I have found most of her earlier work is riddled with errors.I always felt that I needed to keep a pen and pad handy to record all of the errors. I would much rather read a book with less stars if it is well written and with a lot of good sex. (smile) for example “Morning Star”. Hot! Hot! Hot!!

  4. Oh. All you have to do is ask. I don’t leave reviews for very many things, off in my own world as usual. I’ll have to leave some reviews on gp. I want you to keep writing.

  5. I write reviews sporadically. I definitely write a review if everyone is giving a book a five and it is pitiful at best. I always wonder if the writer paid their friends and family to review the book. I do read reviews and will not buy a book if the reviews are bad. Example: I started reading Lori Leigh’s Breed series when she was with Ellora’s Cave. Really a pretty decent series. Then it went mainstream and her writing got pretty spotty. So, I started reading reviews to determine if it was worth my money. I write reviews for the same reason and honest review can save me money. But if a book is mediocre, I generally don’t bother. Hopes this helps.

  6. I’m always in the process of updating my private amazon list that is mainly IR romances. I mark each title with note as to whether I have a hard copy or e-copy. Also if it’s a book I still want to purchase. Books I’ve purchased, but haven’t gotten around to reading yet, etc. You are right I really should be putting up reviews on Amazon and Good Reads and other places that I list the books I have read or own. I’m one of those people who goes straight to the 3 star or less reviews to see what people have to say and if I agree with them or not. A lot of times the fussing isn’t over the material, but a problem with delivery or cost or whatever. The biggest concern is gramar and spelling errors. Sadly, for me, I can overlook them because I’m guilty of the same issues. I’m not saying it’s ok and yes, I would prefer not to be stumbled by typos and the wrong use of weather/whether, but sometimes I can just plow through it if I like the story. I can, however, understand how many people find it beyond annoying to see such errors from a writer. I think I might need to go back and read your stories again before I write anything.

  7. As I was reading this article I felt compelled to answer your questions. After a Google search on IR romance novels, I was directed to your site, and subsequently read some of your thoughts/questions. I generally refrain from commenting-since I feel that I don’t really have anything to contribute…but this time I feel that I can answer your questions and be of help. So without further a do…here are some answers. Hope this helps some!
    What does it take to get you to review a book….

    For me to review a book I have to know of the authors reputation and their works. For example if asked to review a Teri Woods, or other urban (ghetto) literature novel…I’d probably say no. I know this sort of literature is plagued by weak plots, and poor/grammer. Its a waste of time on my behalf. Also for me to review a book I would prefer for the book to be free of cost for me. Personally if I love a book, I’ll go and purchase it..even if I read it for free.

    Is it that people don’t know where to post reviews?

    Personally, I have no idea where to post reviews. I know of Amazon, but I don’t know of other places to post reviews. I’ve always been a person who would read a novel and review it w/ friends or peers, but I did not really know about going to Amazon.

    What motivates you to write a review?

    I’m motivated to write a review when I feel that a novel is excellent or poorly written. Either way I like informing other consumers about a potential purchase. I primarily do this because I’ve purchsaed novels (and other items) in the past that weren’t reflective of all the advertising and marketing it received. I think its necassary to review products. It’d be nice to receive some sort of compensation for a review, but for me personally that’s not why I would write one.

    Hope this helps Mrs. Holcomb!

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