Buttercream is now at Amazon…

…and other third party vendors. I know some of you prefer to buy at sites such as Amazon, ARe and FictionWise, that’s why I get so excited when my books become available at the third party sites. Of course, they’re always available at Loose Id as well. For those of you who’ve read Buttercream (or any of my books) do me a massive favor and review them at Amazon or Goodreads. It makes a huge difference. Remember a review can be just a few sentences. Thanks for your help.

One thought on “Buttercream is now at Amazon…

  1. I have just downloaded this to my kindle and cannot wait to tuck right in! Thank goodness for kindle, it has given quicker, more reliable as well as portable access to books I may not have been able to obtain easily (I live in the UK.)
    Previously I had to download e-books into a PDF or similar folder and then print them out if I wanted to read on-the-go etc but the hassle was so much I kind of gave up, preferring to buy books I could get easily- which meant missing out on what my favourite American authors had available.
    Thank the heavens for technology, right? lol
    Anyway, I really enjoy your writing, having just finished ‘Santa Baby’ – which I loved by the way. Look forward to more gems.



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