Dear Nerf People,

I’m writing you because apparently you have lost your ever-loving mind and forgotten who your target audience is. Yes, I know you make toys for kids. But apparently you’ve forgotten who BUYS those toys. MOTHERS! And you know what mothers don’t have time for? Trying to figure out which missile goes with which gun-thingy. My son probably has a half-dozen of your Nerf gun-thingies and none of them shoot the same missiles. Do you have any idea what a PITA that is? Well, apparently you don’t. Clearly you’ve never had a young boy either. Let me explain something about young boys; they lose EVERYTHING. Especially missiles that go with their Nerf thingies. And you know who has to find those? Yes, MOTHERS. I’m sick of hunting for them. I’m sick of trying to buy replacements for lost ones only to discover you don’t make them anymore. So, I’m done. Get with the freaking program. One missile. One. Missile. That’s all you get. I don’t need whistling missiles, and sticking missiles and glow in the dark missiles and all that other isht. JUST. ONE. MISSLE. In ONE SIZE. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely, A very annoyed MOTHER


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